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Location : Extreme Southeast in Bay Of Bengal
Capital : Port Blair
Main Attractions : Water Sports, Marine Life, Tribal Culture
Best Time To Visit : October To May

Andaman & Nicobar Islands - The Wonder Mermaid of India

Boating on The Emerald Waters of Andamans
Boating on The Emerald Waters of Andamans

"When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy,
And the dimpling stream runs laughing by;
When the air does laugh with our merry wit,
And the green hill laughs with the noise of it."
- Lord Byron

And you know that you are in Andaman. Floating over the emerald blue waters of the Bay of Bengal in splendid isolation - like some broken pearls about to sink - the Andaman archipelago tops the tourist list of holiday destinations in many ways; nature as its most pristine, adventure most thrilling and there is always a beach to greet you at any edge. The first mapping of the twin archipelagos took place in the 2nd century BC, by Greek mathematician and geographer Ptolemy. Though the two island groups were home to various Negrito and Mongoloid tribes for centuries, they remained largely untouched by the outside world until the days of the British Raj. Today, the Andaman and Nicobar islands shelter no less than five aboriginal tribal groups in the richness of its ecology and beauty. And why only that? The picturesque islets and rocks lying in the south eastern part of the Bay of Bengal is showing signs of evolving as a brand of its own. Featured in the Hollywood film 'Shantaram' starring Jonny Depp, the crescent beaches have also carved their own niche in the tourism map as one of the most favoured underwater adventure holiday destinations in the world. Now, it's upon you to decide what you are going to do this holiday!

A Paradise For Eco-friendly Tourists

The best part with an adventure holiday in Andamans is that, there is so much to explore from the sleeves of what is aptly described as a tropical paradise. Just consider this - sprakling white chaste beaches, crystal clear lagoons studded with profusely coloured corals; azure warm seas with an undisturbed, exotic marine life; palm-fringed islands; the pervading serenity on all over the 700 km stretch. However, much of the isles still remain almost virgin forestland through which chintzy-feathered birds and monkeys swing; bordering marvellous beaches are floating planktons, through which schools of fish dart and glide. Don't get afraid to see giant robber crabs that climb palm trees for coconuts!

For a memorable underwater adventure experience, plan a visit to the Jolly Buoy Island. Renowned for its breathtaking underwater coral gardens and their native marine life, the Jolly Buoy is dolled up with crescent beaches that are ideal for snorkelling and sea-bathing. Another such spot at a stone's throw is the Cinque Island, a favourite with anglers, swimmers and divers. Here you can have the pleasure to see the nesting grounds of the famous Olive Ridley turtles as well as water monitors and saltwater crocs.

Watersports in Andaman
Underwater Adventure in Andaman

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Adventure In The High Seas

Modest as they are in breadth (only 58 km at the extremes), the Andamans are largely hilly until the land slides down and hugs the sea. Tourists can choose from a number of adventure activities - trekking, camping, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving (with some of the best dives in the world). Go for a round of snorkelling, a fascinating fun sport where one can take a plunge into the sea and enjoy the underwater marine life and an amazing varieties of corals. If lucky, you can also see mysterious remains of sunken ships that embellish the sea floor. Oh! What an adventure it would make!

Those preferring a more leisurely vacation should pack a hamper and head for one of the many picturesque picnic spots that create memory with every visit. An idyllic getaway is Havelock Island, just 38 km from Port Blair. Do whatever you want on the pristine sands, let the Andamans gift your holiday a sliver of white sands to enjoy. Little Andaman Island, the vegetable bowl of the archipelago along with Neil Island, has a beautiful beach at Butler Bay, a waterfall and an oil palm plantation. Trek upto Madhuban through the nature trail - take your binoculars along to spot rare endemic birds, animals and butterflies enroute. Don't forget to chuck a passing salute to Long Island while on a dolphin convoy. Remember to step into the Andaman Water Sports Complex, an unique pad that offers all possible aqua-sport facilities like water-skiing, sail boats, windsurfing, water-scootering and safe water sports like paddle boats, row boats under a single roof.

Holidaying on The Pages of History

Once the British capital of the colony of Port Blair, Ross Island stands as an annal of bygone days, guarding entry to the vociferous harbour. Most of the old structures have crumbled, but the Smritika Museum holds photographs and other relics of the colonisation. At a stone's throw is the Viper island, dotted with the memories of independence. Experience pre-independence India from a close quarter with a memorable sound-and-light show at the national memorial. Remember to visit the tiny Chatham Island. Housing with many innocuous sights is an old sawmill, believed to be the largest and oldest in Asia.

The Natural Nicobar - Living on An Ancient Lifestyle

Separated from the Andamans by the Ten Degree Channel, the Nicobars find their heart in coconut palms, casuarina and ample greens. Great and Little Nicobar have the giant robber crab and the rare Nicobarese pigeon. The megapode, an endangered bird species, also makes its home in Great Nicobar. But these are not the things that enchant tourists all the year. It is also because these great islands house some of the extinct ancient tribes including the Sentinelese, believed to be world's only Paleolithic people alive today! Foreign nationals need a special permit to visit this 28-island cluster; even Indian nationals can't roam at will through protected and tribal areas.

Old Prison at Port Blair
Old Prison At Port Blair

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News You Can Use

The tourist arrivals to the Andaman archipelago in the last couple of years have been meandering much like its stretched coastline. But even after a year of slump in tourism post tsunami, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are set to lure them back. The tourism ministry has given the Andaman administration a green signal to open up 15 islands for the hospitality industry with a clear cut emphasis on eco-friendly and hi-end hotels and beach resorts. These along with the easy access from all major destinations in the country has surely boosted the tourist influx. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways have regular flights from Kolkata and Chennai that takes about two hours to Port Blair. The Shipping Corporation of India plies ships 4 times a month from Kolkata (52 hrs) and Chennai (60 hrs), and once a month from Vishakhapatnam (56 hours). The ships that play are MV Nicobar, MV Nancowry, MV Swarajdweep, MV Harshavardhana and MV Akbar. The services, however, are subject to weather/sea conditions. For further tourist related information, one can contact the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., at 13 Strand Road, Kolkata. Foreigners require a permit to stay in the Islands, which can be easily obtained on arrival at Port Blair (either by air or sea) from the immigration authorities for 30 days. In addition, permits can also be obtained from:

i) Indian Missions abroad
ii) Foreigner's Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata
iii) The immigration authorities at the airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Andamans

People at Andaman Beach

Andamans - A Beautiful Bouquet of Islands
They might seem small spots of emerald earth in the great blue Bay of Bengal, but the richness of ecology and beauty that saturates the Andaman and Nicobar Islands belies their girth. Their deceptively compact terrain shelter no less than five aboriginal tribal communities, as well as magnificent heritages.

A Nature Lover's Paradise
Much of the isles of Andamans is still virgin through which gaudy feathered birds and monkeys swing; bordering marvellous beaches are azure waters guarded by coral reefs, through which jewel-bright fish dart and glide. the pristine sandy strips themselves are turtle hatching grounds and a playground of many a rare species of amphibians.

A Gush of Adrenaline At Andamans
An adventure sports lover will rarely find time to stay relaxed in the emerald Andamans. The long stretch of pleasure surely provides its tourists with unlimited water-sporting opportunities of snorkelling, kayaking, para-sailing, wind surfing and even that of a simple catamaran ride.

Annals of Independence
Ross Island, the ancient capital of British Colonisation, now stands as a mute testimony to the events that brought Independence to India. You can visit numerous museums and architectural houses that still hold forlorn memorabilia close to their heart.

For A Rich Tribal Heritage
Go for a packaged tour by the Tourism Department and experience a completely different lifestyle prevalant in the darker regions of Nicobar. You can even find native settlements that consists of hamlets on stilts, with entry to the floor via a wooden ladder!

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