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Location : South-western part of India in Arabian Sea
Capital City : Kavaratti
Major Attractions : Adventure Sports, Beach Resorts, Exotic Beaches
What Makes For A Holiday : Scuba Diving and Underwater Corals

Sun, Sand And Sea; Three Words And A Beautiful World!

A Solitary Beach  At Lakshadweep Islands
A Solitary Beach At Lakshadweep Islands

It is a pleasure to dive into the emerald blue waters of Lakshadweep Islands that cannot be explained in words. It is like being in the womb of the most powerful force on earth, where even the time has stood still amidst an alluring kaleidoscope of water colours. The Lakshadweep archipelago located 200 miles off the Malabar Coast, is a beautiful string of 36 low-lying coral islands scattered across the vast expanse of the indian Ocean, giving tourists a rare glimpse of what is aptly described as a tropical paradise. Sparkling white sun-kissed sands, azure warm seas studded with profusely coloured corals and the pervading serenity. These are just the three simple realities beckoning tourists from all over the world to these trivial islets, gifting an unsurpassable sense of happiness in this heavenly gateway. A feeling of freedom that lingers the memory of every traveller and makes them to listen to his heart amid the most spectacular and colourful vistas in this coral paradise.

So Exotic, You Just Cannot Miss The Call..

It is not an exaggeration to say that life is a beach in Lakshadweep. Wherever you go, waves will rush to hug you and sea breeze will kiss you in the forehead. The unique feature of the islands is the pristine heritage of coral reefs tucked in the sapphire lagoons that create their own world on the snow white sands, shifting underneath. In an attempt to preserve the fragile ecology and culture of the islands, the Tourism Department only allows tourists to only six of the world’s most spectacular tropical island systems. But each of them has it own idiosyncratic aroma to relish; the huge storm bank of coral debris along the shoreline of Kalpeni, adventure sports on the calm lagoons of Kavaratti, the emerald lagoons of the crescent shaped Minicoy, the underwater diving pleasures of Kadmat, multi-coloured playful fishes of Agatti and the solitude in the shallow lagoon of Bangaram.

And at every corner, you would find shells strewn around upholding the presence of the ebullient waves just a moment ago. Because of their protected status, Lakshadweep’s reefs are among the least explored in the world, and the wealth of coral formations (including the rare black coral) attracts not only the explorers, but also an amazing variety of tropical marine life ranging from tiny transparent jellyfish that change shape continuously, to the mighty sharks. Enjoy a leisure walk through the greens of Lakshadweep, far from the ennui of rolling waves. Meeting the denizens and knowing about their traditional lifestyle is another attraction that make tourists hem in this picturesque patch of lush land. Savour the local cuisine, an interesting fusion of Kerala and indigenous island fare. It tends to be slightly spicy, and on the heavier side. Go for the famous ‘tuna’ delicacy marionated in crushed coconut. There is nnothing tastier than tuna or masmeen, which has been dried or smoked. The sun-kissed islands maintain a traditon stamped identity, portraying a culture that has evolved from being linked to the sea. Coconut and fish still dominate the conversation, and it is enticing to know about their facts, figures, myths and superstitions that still rule their hearts.

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Rock Your Holidays With Underwater Adventures

Snorkelling at Lakshadweep Islands
Snorkelling at Lakshadweep Islands

Surrounded by a humoungous bubble of sea, the lovely islands of Lakshadweep make every watersport enthusiast experience an adrenaline rush with its vast array of adventure opportunities. With no limits to the foamy surf, surfing comes naturally to these wind blown islands, adding a sensational bonus to your holiday experience. Lakshadweep has several surf operators who not only offer their safari boats that take you on your itinerary, but expertise, local knowledge and professionalism go into providing you with a great service all time round. However, the prime attractions of these coral hubs lie under the pristine waters, where vast meadows of sea grass frame an intricate matrix for playful schools of fish, making the Lakshadweep seascape amongst the most enchanting in the world. To have a tete-a-tete with such underwater treasures, diving is indeed the recommended pastime. Glide beside mountains of corals and you will be amazed to see a whole new world of turtles, sea weed, sheels and schools-and-schools of brilliantly coloured fish.

Fishing is another major sport in Lakshadweep islets. With a ‘water, water everywhere’ concept, it comes as no surprise that the country flaunts some of the best fishing grounds in the world. Night fishing is a popular tourist sport with the catch - be it groupers, snappers, squirrel fish or barracuda - making a perfect evening barbecue right on the beach. At dawn, you can see tiny dhoanis (local boats) sailing towards the horizon with an enchanting sunrise event going swiftly at the backdrop. If you’ve a generous amount of time at your disposal, take off on a large sailing live-abord dhoani for 2-3 day trip to remote pastures where the reef offers lesser-seen baits.

With tropical beauty abounding in this sliver of sparkling white sands, set amidst a clear cerulean sea, photography is another rewarding pastime. If the thrills of aerial photography is your passion, helicopters can be hired for taking you on breathtaking photo flights.

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How About A Beach Stay?

Feel At Home : Beach Resort At Lakshadweep Islands
Feel At Home : Beach Resort At Lakshadweep Islands

To climb the crowns of the ebullient waves in the morning, and to listen to their phosphorescence in the nights under the vast canopy of stars, you need to stay in these emerald islands. Spend a few days of your vacation amidst the virgin greens and sparkling waters of bangaram Island. An uninhabited island spread over 128 acres ensures at least 2 acres of space to each guest, thanks to Casino Group of Hotels who manages a luxurious retreat in the heart of the bubbling waves. The beach resort is fringed with 30 tiled roof beach huts, each with palm-thatched verandah, en suite bathroom, ceiling fan & fridge to satisfy the needs of an international traveller. A lot of adventure activities are also facilitated including catamaran rides, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and deep sea-fishing. The food is Indian and Continental, with some fine delicacies of local seafood. A barbecue is lit on the beach by night and the dinner is served outside amidst a magical atmosphere. You can also relax at the bar hut, which serves beer and a range of cocktails, that makes for a perfect holiday evening.

Exquisite Offers To Bring You Closer To The Charms

Scuba Diving - Lacadives (Kadmat and Bangaram) :
Go for this 8-day beginners course to get an insight about the wonders of life under the sea, untouched and unspoilt. The centre is geared to conduct 3 dives a day at Kadamat and 2 dives at Bangaram, and also night dives by trained instructors and dive masters. All equipment is provided by Lacadives. Minimum age for diving is 14 years and swimming skills are mandatory. Package includes boarding, lodging, instruction and theory classes. However, it doesn’t include air fares or helicopter transfers from Agatti Island to Kadmat.

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Coral Reef Cruise :
This five day cruise to Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy islands by ships is an interesting opportunity to rejoice the solitary pleasures of these emerald islands. The tour is organised during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore, and nights on board. Swimming, snorkelling and other watersports are arranged during the day tour.

Marine Wealth Awareness Programme (Kadmat) :
This six day package helps to experience the richness and beauty of marine life with colossal ships like Tipu Sultan, Bharat Seema or Minicoy. You can spend four fun filled days on the island and indulging into scores of watersport adventure activities at the Kadmat watersport complex.

Underwater Corals at Lakshadweep Island
Underwater Corals at Lakshadweep Island

Tips To Remember

All visitors to Lakshadweep require entry permits from Lakshadweep Administration and SPORTS (Society for Promotion of Recreation Tourism and Sport), a wing of Lakshadweep Administration that organises package tours by ship covering the islands from September to May every year. Foreign tourists are allowed to visit Bangaram Island and Kadmat Island only and not on other islands. To reach Bangaram Island, travel by flight from Kochi to Agatti, and you will be fetched to Bangaram by boat in fair weather and by helicopter during the monsoons. To visit the Kadamat Island, foreigners have to avail the package tours of Kadmat Beach Resort and watersports institute organised by SPORTS Society, Kochi. For more information related to entry permits, contact the Assistant Manager SPORTS, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island, Kochi. However, those who avail the packages offered by Sports are exempted from entry formalities.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Lakshadweep

Boats at Lakshadweep Beach

Live Life In Lakshadweep
Plan your holiday in Lakshadweep, where life is itself a beach. Emerald waters, golden sands, pristine air, no mobile interruptions, just a hassle free holiday with your loved ones. Dive deep, sail high, unleash yourself on the sun-kissed sands..Live your life..

Unleash Yourself on The Magical Sands
Nowhere can you find such pleasure of messing with the sun-kissed sands. Get a tan or build castles or simplywander around beside the emerald pristine waters or dive deep in them..whatever you do will become a memory to relish later.

For An Aerial Photograph
Get into a helicopter and you will never forget the chance. The tour companies offer their seaplanes for aerial photography giving tourists a memorable channel to capture the natural beauty of these tropical islands floating amidst crystal clear water.

Dive Deep Into The Heart of Corals
Don't miss a round of scuba-diving under the emerald waters of Lakshadweep Islands, a rich hub of the precious black corals that create a whole new world to surf amidst playful schools of fish.

For A Beach Stay
During your holiday trip to Lakshadweep, plan your stay in one of those beach resorts that fringe the long stretch of golden sands of this pristine island. The beach resort of Casino Group of Hotels is fringed with 30 tiled roof beach huts, each with palm-thatched verandah, en suite bathroom, ceiling fan & fridge to satisfy the needs of an international traveller.

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