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Popular Music : Mando, Suvari
Mix of : Latin and American Music
Popular Dances : Mussoll, Lamp Dance, Deknni
International Music: Goan Trance

Music And Dance of Goa - Food for Your Heart

Women learning Music at Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts , Goa
Women Learning Music at Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts, Goa

Famous Music : Latin American tune, theatrical music, wedding music 'Ovi'.
Traditional Music : Suvari, Mando (a love song sung by Goan Catholics), Kunnbi-Gee, Painnem Halounk (cradle song), Dantear Ovio (sung while grinding wheat and rice).
Musical Instruments : Comprises of 'Ghumat', 'Shamel', Violin, 'Cymbals', Shehnai' and 'Surt'.
Recent Contribution : Canadian- Goan band Goa Amigos
Traditional Dance Form : Mussoll, Dakhni, Talgodi Dance.
Other Dance Forms : Foogddi, Ball Dance, which is comparatively a new introduction.

Despite centuries of alien monopoly, Goa's heart has displayed an amazing resilence. Over the pages of history, an unexpected consonance created an eclectic cultural mix which is different from rest of the India. Music and dance form the veins of rural Goa. Applauded as a nest of singing birds, Goan folk music has a lively rhythm and the folk dances, a rugged vitality. No written description can do full justice to the dynamic Goan art forms which have a rhythmic charm, colourful variety and exhilarating vibrancy. You have to come and feel this captivating extravaganza. Be it a Christian conclave or a Hindu festival, the whole of Goa stands on its feet to enjoy the merriment. Be it the sands or the shades, you even don't need a dance floor to make your feet move to the rhythmic beats of Goan trance!

Savour The Tunes of The Sands

Start your day with the euphonic chimes of the church bells and chase your dreams with the melody of violins played by the streetside man. There is always a tune for each moment throughout the day. In the evenings, lend your ears to the orotund 'Mando', a love song sung by Goan Catholics in a group on the beats of Ghumat and romantic strings of violin. They swirl in statusque postures and thus create an awe-inspiring vista to behold. Sometimes, the music slides on a Latin American tune, starting on a sad and slow note augmenting on a faster beat called "Dulpods" or "Durpodha", the rhythmic pattern being akin to northern 'Khaiyal' songs. During the festive season you can have the pleasure to listen to the famous Suvari, a traditional folk music affording an impeccable synergy of 'Laya' (tune) and 'Tal' (beat), as spoken words are few. The music is orchestral in nature and reliying heavily on 'Ghumat', 'Shamel', Cymbals and sometimes 'Shehnai' and 'Surt'.

Beside the native flow of harmony, you will also find an eminent Portuguese influence on the musical nodes of Goa. Enjoy the world-famous Goan trance, an unique form of 4/4 music that directly breezes its way straight to one's heart. Originating at the time when the hippies left the sun-kissed shores in 70s, the Goan trance have now become an indispensible part of Goan culture and perhaps, a tourist's vacation.

Traditional Fire Dance , Goa
Traditional Fire Dance , Goa

Dancing on The Pegs of Tradition

Goa is all about fun and fun cannot reach its summit without vibrating footprints. Believe us, whether it is the cozy sands or the flashing dance floors, Goans always find a pad to dance their hearts out! And why not? They have so many steps to recreate! One of the most impressive folk dance forms of Goa is the Mussoll, folk-play-cum-dance commemorating the victory of King Harihara II of the Vijayanagar empire, over the Cholas. The Mussoll (pounding pestle) used in the dance is made of solid bamboo with inserted hawk's bells and is carried only by those who will actually dance. It is indeed a fun to be with the dancers who dance clockwise and anti-clockwise on twin beats. Another impressive dance form is the Lamp Dance, performed during the Shigmo festival. You will see illuminated earthen lamps shift hands and swirled to place on heads, thereby making a glowing aura of frolic around themselves. Listen to the poignant story of love, told in the form of Manddo. Depicting an fabulous mix of of the Italian minuet and the temple 'Devadasi' dance-songs, the Manddo though classical in nature, has attained an idiosyncratic sophistication and stylisation over the ages. The most impressive part is the song that moves majestically in a slow, melodious rhythm, with dignity and grace while the steps make an inescapable arena of magnetism, that binds every tourist till the show ends.

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Top 5 Highlights of Goa Music

Goa Musicians

How The Portuguese Taste Made Its Way Into Our Moods
The Goan culture affords a fabulous blend of Indo-Portuguese culture, picking the best from every alien invasion that jolted its traditional substratum. Plan a holiday trip to the land of pristine sands and you can experience how Indian music dances to the European beats in Goa..

Music That Is As Romantic As The Seas
Lit up your evenings with the magic of Mando', a love song sung by Goan Catholics in a with the romantic strings of violin. The lyrics goes around interesting tales of yore, of kings and their men and of course romantic tales that once made their archaic heart bloom in springs.

Dancing on The Flames
When in Goa for a holiday vacation, don't miss the opportunity to behold the impressive Lamp Dance. It is really an awe-inspiring performance where the dancers adeptly shift the position of flickering lamps, sometime holding it in hands and sometime putting on their head.

The Trance Mania
Goa is known for its mind-blowing trance music a 'dance-trance' form in 4/4 and often going into 16th or 32nd notes, especially for the pumping basslines that add fun to the ambiance. originally created on the silver sands of Goa, the psychedelic trance forms are indeed an experience to be experienced.

Sing With the Carnival
The Carnival is a nice time to feel the magic of Goan music. It is indeed a curious affair when the whole of Goa pulsates with the rhythm of fun and frolic of this Christian fesival.

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