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Goa Water Sports

Location : Beaches of Goa
Where To Go : Calangute, Sinquerim, Colva, Miramar, Dona Paula
Famous Sports : Water Scootering, Para Sailing, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing
Championships Held : SuperCross Championship, JK Tyre Karting Championship,

Adventure Sports - The Passion To Push Adrenaline on Goa Beaches

Love heart pumping adventure then Goa tourism guide will surely help you in doing so. Goa water sports is a great way to enjoy the beauty of famous Goa beaches while trying to bring out the adventurer in you. While in here you can you can try out adventure activities like beach adventure sports like para-sailing, sunset cruises, snorkeling and diving, kayaking sports and also get all other info of the water sports facilities in Goa.

Surfing on  Goa Beaches
Windsurfing at Goa Beaches

Windsurfing India

Scuba Diving : Major Destination – Grande islands, St. George island, Devagh island and Pigeon island.
Best Season – November to April.
Inside Tip – Bogmalo in one of the few places in India, where you can learn Scuba Diving.
Don't Miss – Witnessing the Hundreds of Wrecks along the Coastline.
Important Gear – A mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy compensator (BC), regulator, weights, and wet suit ,Water Proof Sunscreen Lotion.
Safety Measures– Be Wary of the Pre Diving Briefings. Handle the snorkel Carefully.
Para Sailing : Major Destination – From Miramar Beach, from Sinquerim – Candolim – Calangute stretch, Grande and Bait islands.
Best Season – Popular Throughout the Year, Except Monsoons (July to September).
Inside Tip – Para Sailing should be Avoided when it is Raining or when the Winds are Strong.
Don't Miss – A Splendor View of Aguada Fort while Para Sailing.
Important Gear – Tow boat, tow rope, parasail, lifejacket and wetsuits.
Safety Measures–Be sure to choose a well-trained Operator as landing on the Beach is a tricky.
Jet Skiing : Major Destination – Colva, Candolim, Calanguate, Miramar, Mobor and Rajbaga.
Best Season – Winter Season, when the waves are easy to Manage.
Inside Tip – There are Instructors and Operators on the Beaches.
Important Gear – Wet Suits, Life Jackets.
Safety Measures – Be within the area so that the Operator can see you.
Water Skiing : Major Destination – Candolim, Calanguate, Arossim, Mobor and Rajbaga.
Best Season – Winter Season, when the waves are easy to Manage.
Inside Tip – Equipments can be hired as well as there are provisions for training.
Don't Miss – Windsurfing on Dona Paula Beach.
Important Gear – Windsurf boards, sail, mast, boom and mast base.
Safety Measures– Never venture out in rough water and follow the signals of the operator.
Wind Surfing : Major Destination – Calangute, Colva, Pololem, Vagator, Baga, Dona Paula, Miramar and Bogmolo.
Best Season – January to March.
Inside Tip –There are training schools that conduct short courses on windsurfing and provide the required gears.
Don't Miss – The National Windsurfing Championship between August and November.
Important Gear – Fibreglass board, Light-wind equipment, Neoprene gloves, Lycra shirts, Footgear.
Safety Measures –Double check the gear before starting. Learn the international distress signals.
Deep Sea Fishing : Major Destination – Fishing Jetty at Chapora Village.
Best Season – All through the year.
Inside Tip –Fishing Permits are necessary and can be sought from the Fisheries Department in the State.
Don't Miss – Beach casting and shore fishing.
Important Gear – Spinning Rods, SpinningReels, Fish Hooks.
Safety Measures –Follow all the Emergency Procedures and Signals of the Operators.
Dolphin and Crocodile Spotting : Major Destination – Mandovi River to the Zuari River.
Best Season – October to May.
Inside Tip –Besides Dolphin and Crocodile Spotting there are also General and Theme River Cruises from Panaji.
Don't Miss – The Mangrove Shallows of Chorao.
Safety Measures –Follow all the Emergency Procedures and Signals of the Operators.

If you think that Goa is only about picturesque beaches and palm-fringed tan, indeed you need to remodel the windows of your mind. Once a favoured leisure pad for the Goans, the pristine sands have now evolved as one of the major tourist adventure destinations of the world. Today, the complete Goa offers you an action-packed holiday package where you can you dive deep into the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea to discover an amazing variety of tropical marine life or fly up high to see the green palm-fringed paddy flats creating a panoramic view on the world-famous golden coast. The adventure augments a million times during the monsoons when you see a completely different Goa, washed in green and painted in blood-hot sports! So what are you waiting for? fill each day of your holiday with a promise of different experiences, each with a different compelling allure. Charge up your holidays with a memorable holiday trip to Goa, the south-western habitat of India.

Discover A New Life With Exotic Water sports

With such a convivial coast, it's easy to see why water sports are the most popular adventure pursuit in Goa. Since the early 1990s, they have spread from an exclusive feature of star hotels to a wide range of offers organised by private operators. Lined all along the Konkan coast, the Calangute to Sinquerim stretch is applauded to be the most popular adventure pad in Goa. And what all options will you get?

Going High Over Arabian Sea With Para-sailing
Soar high in the air and feel the kick of Goan air on your face with an incredible parasailing experience. Drive to Mobor Beach, where the river Sal meets the Arabian Sea and forms the beautiful Mobor Peninsula, and you can have a magnificent view of the Betul hillock from the air.

Skiing on The Waves
If you are a speed freak, go for a round of jet-skiing. The 100-135 hp powered uncomplicated jet-skis used in Goa deliever high adrenaline thrills, enough to drive you crazy. Go to Colva, Calangute or Miramar, which are comparatively safe as the jet-skiing is always done within the operators sight in a pre-defined area. A game that gives you immense pleasure inspite of repeated tumbles and resulting soreness is that of water-skiing. To water-ski, you need strong leg and back muscles and a relaxed posture - being stiff doesn't help at all. Interestingly, the operators in Goa will train you until you become good enough, or give up. Either way, this sport is definitely worth a try. Make sure that there is another observer, apart from the operator, on the boat. You can also learn some interesting signals that are often used to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, like the one in which you should clasp both hands above your head to show that you are all right after a fall.

Explore A New World With Scuba-diving In Goa
Now, after you are familiar with the mood of the sea with all these above-the-sea adventures, it is time for some underworld hunting spree. Scuba-diving can be a magical experience and an amazing way to explore the realms of the sea. Goa's coastline doesn't have a clear visibility or a fabulous coral reef, but the beautiful and abundant marine life more than makes up for any other shortfalls. Go for a PADI-certified scuba diving course from the Barracuda Diving at Goa Mariott Hotel in Panaji. On Tuesday afternoons, try a free trial at the hotel pool, and then, if the experience (which it will) grabs you, make a date with the Barracuda for a more extensive training session, so that after a few days, you can explore the least explored part of the world!

Parasailing on  Goa Beaches
Parasailing on Goa Beaches

This is Where you Ought to Dive
The ideal places in Goa where one can dive is the SS Mary and Grand Central Station, around Grande Island and Bogmolo beach. Here you will see the surprising variety of marine life and small yet har corals. Grand Central Station is a dive suitable for all level of experiences. The famous varieties of fishes that can be sighted here are barracudas, schooling cobia and the rare Olive Ridley Turtle.
Another important diving area will be the island of Netrani located around 6 hours from Goa. The are teemed with colorful tropical fishes that live in the Arabian sea.

Get Your Diving Skills Straightened
Barracuda and Goa Diving are some schools that conduct diving courses, wherein a person can learn hot to exploit opportunities to explore the underwater in an unprecedented manner. Goa offers courses courses that ranges from the beginners and novices to the professionals. Looking for the short term course, there is the Discover Scuba Diving programme, which at a minimal cost conducts a half day initiation that involves learning to use dive gears in a shallow pool or lagoon. Then there is the Open Water Course that goes on for 4 – 5 days catering to equipment handling and diving safety. This a government certified course which allows you to access your diving skills anywhere in the world. The most difficult and time consuming is the Advanced Open Water Course for experience divers. This five day course includes two mandatory dives and teaches wreck diving, nitrox diving, drift diving, fish identification and underwater photography.

Unique Goan Adventure You Might Have Never Done Before

Come Goa for a holiday vacation, and you can have the pleasure to sail on the historic Chinese junk, 'Precious Dragon' to get a feel of how the dragon kings of China sailed the high seas. This impressive sea carriage is praised as the last fishing boat of her kind to be built in Hong Kong under the British flagship. Half day cruises can be organised as well and even, the whole boat can be chartered for a party! Get down on any beach along the shoreline, and everyone and his Goan uncle will offer you a chance to get up close and personal with the snout-nosed, smiling creatures of the deep, that are said to be as intelligent as human beings! Indeed, it is the alluring dolphins that enchants people from time immemorial. If the weather is good, you can see a whole school of them leaping and frolicking around your boat. Touch them, kiss them or do whatever you like, for a fun-filled holiday extravaganza. Sea fishing as a sport is a very rare activity and has yet to catch on in tourist adventure list. A fishing trip in the deep blue waters is an exhiliarating way to meet the crowds of tuna, kingfish and jackfish.

Adventure Beyond The Golden Sands of Goa

Hiking And Trekking on The Hills of Goa
Apart from the sea and sand in Goa, the government is also promoting land sports that are equally enchanting as the former. One can enjoy hiking and trekking activities that involve a wide range of skillful and physically demanding actions, such as rock-climbing, rappelling, river-crossing and jummering. Go for the extreme adventure of rock-climbing on the adamant rock-faces of Goan hills. Don't forget to try the Tyrolean traverse, an exhilarating river crossing technique beneath Aguada Fort. Often referred to as under belly crawling, it involves crossing a river, ravine or even a deep mountain gorge with modern ropes and equipment.

Plan a vacation trip during the month of October and you can be a part of the Zonal Trekking Programme, a 5D/4N annual event that heads to a different destination each year chosen for its adventure quotient on the hills of Western Ghats. Trek on the lush Sahyadri hills, running through the heart of Goa for an intimate commune with the nature. After the trek you can enjoy a snake demostration, botanical lectures, bird watching programmes by WWF officials and star gazing initiated by the Fire Department of Goa. The tarzan swings and monkey bridges during these fun-filled days will surely make your holiday a memorable one.

Burn The Tracks With Go-karting
For all those with a passion for turning the wheels and burning some rubber, the best place to do it would be the go-karting tracks at Nuvem, just north of Margao in south Goa. Already billed as a very technical circuit and praised as one of the best in the country, the Nuvem track proudly holds the Goa leg of the JK Tyre National Karting Championship. The 482 m long twisting track is indeed a delight to ride. A screen display of lap times - featuring your best and last lap time only adds to the adventure. whether racing with friends or just racing against yourself, go-karting in Goa is the best way to satisfy your racing desires.

The Red Bull Experience
The exigency of a matador in Goa, only adds to the charm of a bullfight. Spare some time of your vacation to visit the remote village of Taleigao, near Panjim, during the fighting season which starts around early October and lasts till May. They say it is an extraordinary sport. We say, you just can't forget the experience, although all you can see is sand, bulls and action. The fights usually begin around 4 pm, after siesta to the sound of taped Konkani music.

Tips And News

Taking care of so much adrenaline options, the tourism department is taking care in promoting Goa as a true adventure destination. It has also organised the SuperCross Championship league featuring numerous world renowned motor companies. CR Honda, RM Suzuki, KX Kawasaki, YZ Yamaha and KIM 125 cc bikes have also been introduced. Moreover the Board Sailing Association of India holds the National Windsurfing Championship every year between August and November, at a different Goan venue. Enthusiast tourists can go for free coaching classes during the season. One thing you should remember is that all water sports require you to sign a legal disclaimer that states the procedures are being compiled with and that you are aware of the risks of the sport and absolve the operator of any responsibility. Beaches in the north are more crowded, where you can club the partying with sporting - although not highly recommended since most extreme sports require that you don't have a hangover.

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Top 5 Highlights of WaterSports

Water Sports , Goa

Giving A New Definition To Adventure
Goa is the place where you surrender yourself to excess. Sink your feet into the pristine sands, splurge on the roaring waves, fly high with adventure sports, unleash yourself on the lush green hills with an unique trekking experience, take a sip of adrenaline. Goa is a buffet for the senses. You only have to heap the plate.

Who Knew There Can Be So Much Fun on Water
Plan a holiday trip to Goa and lose yourself in hundreds of water sport options available on its pristine sands. Build sand castles, and then wash them away with whiffs of water thrown by your water bike. Gaze the stars in the night and look down on the palm-fringed land with para-sailing in the morning.

The Underworld Experience on Goa Beaches
While on a vacation to this sun-kissed land of Goa, you just cannot overlook the pleasure in diving deep into the womb of Arabian Sea. Explore a completely new world, far from modernity and electronic gadgets, full of archaic species with snorkelling and scuba diving activities.

Don’t Miss These Unique Goan Adventures
There are many things that give Goa an edge over other holiday destinations. Ride the ‘Precious Dragon’ (a historic Chinese junk built in Hong Kong), meet a whole school of dancing dolphins, leaping and frolicking on the crazy waters or just lose yourself in the fun of sea-fishing, while on a vacation trip to India.

Go Goa With Go-karting
This is one of the newer attraction added to your adventure itinerary in Goa. Race on the 482 m long twisting track, snaking vehemently with every push of the accelarator. Enjoy a thrilling race on the circuit that flaunts of being one of the best in the country.

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