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Location : Central part of India
Capital City : Bhopal
Major Attractions : Pachmarhi, Bandhavgarh National Park, Bhedaghat
Mostly Visited For : Khajuraho Temples

Majestic Fort of Gwalior
Majestic Fort of Gwalior

Fascinating Journey to See India

Travel Destination : Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Pachmarhi, Khajuraho, Mandu, Omkareshwar, Sanchi.
Famous Monuments : Gwalior Fort – Gwalior, Sanchi Stupa – Sanchi.
Famous Palaces : Shaukat Mahal, Sadar Manzil and Gouhar Mahal – Bhopal, Man Singh Palace, Gujari Mahal – Gwalior.
Most Famous Mosque : Taj - ul – Masjid and Moti Masjid in Bhopal.
Wild Life Attractions : Bandhavgarh National Park – 280 kms from Khajuraho, Kanha National Park – 175 kms from Jabalpur, Satpura National Park – 195 kms from Bhopal.
Pilgrim Destinations : Omkareshwar - 77 kms from Indore, Maheshwar - 91 kms from Indore, Ujjain - 774 kms from Delhi, Amarkantak - 245 kms from Jabalpur, Sanchi - 52 kms from Bhopal, Chitrakoot - 675 kms from Delhi.
Famous Hill Station : Pachmarhi, Located at a Distance of 211 kms from Bhopal. Famous For Caves, Waterfalls and Pools.
Must Visit : Bandhavgarh National Park - Tiger Haven, Gwalior Fort – Gwalior, Romantic Destination of Royal Enclave Group in Mandu.
Leisure Destination : Omkareshwar - A Scenic Island, Ideal for Picnicking .
Rural Charms : Orcha, Mandu, Dhar, Datia.
Natural Wonders : The Ancient Rock Paintings at Bhimbhetka Caves – 45 kms form Bhopal, Marble Rock at Bhedaghat – 23 kms from Jablapur.
Fairs & Festivals : Kumbh Ka Mela (Every Twelve Years) – Ujjain, Tansen Music Festival (Novemeber to December) – Gwalior, Khajuraho Dance Festival in February – Khajuraho, Bhagoria Ghat – March.
Culinery Delight : Savoring Rogan Josh, Korma, Seekh Kebabs in Indore – The Street Food Capital of India.
Shopping Destination : Bhopal - Mrignayani Emporium at Hamidia Road and Handicrafts Emporium Chowk Bazaar and TT Nagar.
Indore - MT Market, Jail Road and the Top Khana.
Ujjain - Outside Mahakal Temple.
Gwalior - Patankar Bazzar near Rajwara and Laskar, Chowk at Bara.
Where to Eat : Hotel Lake Princess, Angathi Restaurant – Bhopal, Hot Treat, Utsav Restaurant – Indore, Indian Coffee House, Kwality Restaurant – Gwalior.
Where To Stay : Jehan Numa Palace Hotel – Bhopal, Taj Residency – Indore, Fort Amla – Ujjain, Usha Kiran Palace – Gwalior, Gulzar Towers – Jabalpur.
Getting There : Air - Bhopal, the Capital is Connected to Various Airports in the Country as well as the World.
Rail - Bhopal also has a Major Rail Junction that Connects it to Various Parts of the Country by Regular Trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
Road - Well Planned Network of National Highways and State Highways Interconnect cities of Madhya Pradesh to various other major cities of India.

Mythological Sculpters At The Khajuraho Temple
Mythological Sculptures At The Khajuraho Temple

Fascinating Journey to See India

Madhya Pradesh Tourism - Exotic Wonders In The Heart of India

Wonder how can stones express human emotions? How can rock cut caves guide you to enlightment? And how can tigers take you for a guided tour in the virgin forests of Asia's largest wildlife sanctuary? Undertake Madhya Pradesh tourism and uncover all secrets. Welcome to Madhya Pradesh, a cultural potpourri that eventually became the heart of India. Nestling in the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh is a melting pot of varied religions and architectural intelligence. Spend your dream holiday in a great geographical contrast - from the brooding Malwa plateau, spectacular mountain ranges of Vindhyachal, miles and miles of dense forests with an exciting panorama of wildlife and the meandering Narmada river, on its impetuous journey to the sea. Lying at the centre of it all, is the heart of erotic india - the temples of Khajuraho, lost for centuries, now found and restored to their former glory. Madhya Pradesh has everything a traveller might ask for. So, plan your next vacations in the jungles of this verdant jewel to enjoy a silent escape into the heart of nature...

Attractions That Are Unique To A Necklace Called Madhya Pradesh

Towns And Cities - Offering A Historical Theorem

Nowhere in India does the cities form the backbone of a state, as they do in the enchanting land of Madhya Pradesh. Explore Bhopal on your Madhya Pradesh tourism, the capital that is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, a proud heritage and modern urban planning. Spread out on seven gentle hills, Bhopal with its evocative monuments like Taj-ul-Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India, today represents a harmonic mix of old and new. The second big city, Gwalior is seeped in the splendour of its past; a cradle for great dynasties who reigned this strategic city. Warriors, kings, poets, musicians and saints contributed to make it a capital renowned throughout the country. Visit Sanchi, renowned for the oldest Buddhist stupa in the world, was built by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. Turn the wheels of your holiday by visiting Ujjain, one of the most holy cities of the Hindus. It is one of the four cities in India, where the Kumbh Mela is held every three years in rotation

Pachmarhi - Where Everyone Is on A High

Pachmarhi, an idyllic hill station on the lap of the Satpura mountain ranges, is a much visited vantage point that offers superb vistas of Madhya Pradesh. Nestling at 195 km from the state capital at Bhopal en route to Jabalpur, this magnificent bouquet of rugged hills, sal forests, picturesque waterfalls, beautiful pools and deep ravines, was discovered by a Bengal Lancer, Captain Forsyth in 1857. Give your holidays a new vision, an above-the-world experience by beholding a romantic sunrise at the Priyadarshini Point at a height of 3500 ft. Tourists can also kick back their vacation afternoons at the numerous waterfalls, that gurgle promises of breaking into ephemeral white bubbles of contentment. Don't miss the mind blowing Duchess Falls (Jalawataran), the most beautiful of all Pachmarhi waterfalls, which threads down in three distinct cascades only to give you three different holiday experiences!

Khajuraho Temple - A Solitary Poetry In Stone
Khajuraho Temple - A Solitary Poetry In Stone

Fascinating Journey to See India

Enchanting Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat

The shimmering river Narmada passes through an impressive gorge of gleaming white, sheer marble cliffs at Bhedaghat, 22 km (14 miles) to the west of Jabalpur. Soaring in sculpturesque splendour, the marble rocks with darker volcanic seams of green and black, rise to an unbelievably 100 ft on either side of the calm crystal-clear waters of Narmada, thus creating a mesmerising backdrop to behold especially on moonlit nights. Nearby, the river narrows and plunges dramatically over the breathtaking Dhuandhar Falls, also known as the 'Smoke Cascade'. Don't miss the interesting rock formations which include Elephant's Foot and the ledge known as Monkey's Leap

Unleash Yourself At Bandhavgarh National Park

Little wonder that in a state that wears the mantle of 'Tiger State' and houses Asia's largest wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve, you can see tigers eager to meet tourists! Tourism, or an attraction to the jungle king! Nestling at 164 km from Jabalpur, Bandhavgarh National Park is one corner where you can be almost sure of seeing a tiger in its natural lifestyle. It is in this valley that the Maharaja of Rewa discovered the world's first white tiger. Sprawled over an area of 448 sq. km, Bandhavgarh today is a home to a rich wildlife like deer, leopard, sambhar, wild boar and bison that rule the darks. Take an elephant safari and explore the rich heritages preserved as Bandhavgarh Fort and numerous ancient caves, with inscriptions and drawings by pre-historic men. Don't miss Bandhavgarh on your Madhya Pradesh tourism.

Tigers at Bandhavgarh National Park
Tigers at Bandhavgarh National Park

Khajuraho - Erotic Poetry In Stone

This is the highlight of Madhya Pradesh tourism. The temples of Khajuraho are India's unique gift to the world, a melody to life, love and joy; perfect in portraying imagination yet sublime in expression. Built in the 10th and 11th centuries by the Chandela Rajputs, Khajuraho is famous for its exquisite stone carvings which sing every facet and mood of life. Of the 85 original temples, 22 still survive, constituting one of the world's greatest artistic wonders. Watch for the spectacularly mounted Khajuraho light and sound show and enter into the time of Chandela kings thereby tracing the fascinating story of the unique temples that were built during this era. Plan your holiday trip during February-March and you can be a part of the bedazzling Khajuraho Festival of Classical Dances. Every year, this seven-day extravaganza calls for the best classical dancers from all pockets of the country who perform against the spectacular backdrop of the brilliantly lit temples.

Reach For The Beauty That Bewitches Everyone

There is a sublime charm hidden in the sleeves of Madhya Pradesh that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world into this land of ancient temples and sinister wildlife. Many areas of this huge state continue to live in relative isolation, making it a fascinating land to explore. But, perhaps the best part about MP is its accessibility. Bordered by six states, it is equally close to major tourist destinations from the North, South, East and West. Whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata, you are never very far from the heart of India. Interestingly, the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC) and the Department of Tourism ahd jointly taken initiatives to promote this riverine state as a exclusive holiday destination. Numerous tour packages are conducted that take you to the interiors of MP and other world famous tourist sites that enchants every visitor.

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Top 5 Reasons for Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Tiger at Kanha National Park , Madhya Pradesh

Because It Is The Heart of India
Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of India, not only because of its location in the centre of the country, but also because it has been home to a rich cultural heritage in the form of innumerable monuments, exquisite temples, magnificent stupas that doll up the verdant landscape of MP.

Many Moods of Men At Khajuraho
MP is famous throughout the world for the temples of Khajuraho, built in the 10th and 11th century, whose internal and external walls are embellished with exquisite stone carvings which portray every moods of life, from the erotic to the divine, from apparent to sublime.

High On The Hills
During your holiday visit to MP, do visit the picturesque hills of Satpura with their soul at Pachmarhi, a pretty hill station on the crown of this riverine state. Lose yourself in the cascading waterfalls, deep-blue pools, ravines and a maze of gorges sculpted in red sandstone offer a quiet escape into nature.

The Cradle of Buddhism
Renowned for the oldest Buddhist stupas in the world, the Sanchi Stupa is the finest example of ancient classical art. The Buddhist shrine was built by Emperor Ashoka which now tell the tales of Buddha's past and present on rock sculpters that date back to 3rd century BC. The 2nd century BC Heliodoros Pillar nearby and the 5th century AD Udaigiri caves also well worth a visit.

Go Wild In The Home of Tigers
With almost a third of its area covered with forests, it has as many as 11 national parks and thirty one wildlife sanctuaries! Applauded as the Tiger State, MP also houses Asia's largest tiger reserve, Kanha National Park in its deep interiors.

Best Selling Yatras (Tours)

» Unrivalled Beauty of Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho Sculptures Reveal a unique cultural heritage in the poetry carved in the temples of Madhya Pradesh together with the fragrance of Mughal architecture in Delhi and Agra.
Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

» Exotic Rajasthan Tour With Splendorous Taj

Camel Safari , RajasthanEnjoy a memorable journey to the Monument of Love through the sun-kissed sands and beautiful architectural heritages of Rajasthan.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 599

» The Glorious Golden Triangles (I & II)

Rath Yatra PuriCelebrate your life with the colours of North India before unleashing yourself at the Eastern Ghats of Konark Sun Temple.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

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