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Shubhyatra >> Madhya Pradesh Yatra >> Khajuraho Dance Festival


Location : Khajuraho, in Bundelkand District of Madhya Pradesh
Most Popular Dance : Kathak, Kuchipudi
Visiting Time : Month of February to March
Venue : Chitragupta and Vishwanatha Temple of Western Group
A Dance Performance During Khajuraho Festival
A Dance Performance During Khajuraho Festival

Highlight : Culture Heritage of India.
Hosted By : Eicher and Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad.
Must See : Nandi Bull (Considered to be the Vehicle of Lord Shiva) – 6 ft. High, Outside the Vishwanatha Temple, Three Head Idol of Lord Vishnu in Chitragupta Temple.
Major Attraction : Various Classical and Modern Dance Forms.
Famous Dance Forms : Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Odissi, Kathak, Manipuri.
Other Charms : Open Market, Workshops and Seminars by Artisans.
Don't Miss : Shopping From the Open Market Held Near the Temples, Where Local Handicraft are Displayed and Sold.
Getting There : Air - Khajuraho Airport, is well Connected with Major Airports of the Country.
Rail - Nearest Railway is at Jhansi (175 kms). Well Connected with Major Cities of the Country.
Road - 176 kms from Delhi, 4hrs drive. Route from Delhi NH 2 . Route from Jaipur NH 11.

Khajuraho Dance Festival – This is What your Heart Will Brood Over

The world famous temples of Khajuraho are known not only for their erotic sculpture, magnificent carvings and monumental heritage, but also for the annually held famous dance festival exclusively belonging to Khajuraho.
Do you remember seeing the poster displaying women clad in best of attires, dancing in full bloom, behind a scenic landscape wherein you can see temples, gardens and rocks. Then you must have felt an extreme and obscure desire to be there at that very moment. Well the Khajuraho Dance festival in Madhya Pradesh is the answer to all your desires. The Madhya Pradesh tourism board organises this week long festival during the month of March. This five year old tradition has now become a major reason for the tourist to visit the erotic and sensuous temples of Khajuraho. It is the time when the stones began to communicate with the audience in a rhythmic tone.
From all over the world people come to witness this unique dance festival that is held annually from February to March. A celebration of Hindu classical dances this festival organised by Eicher and Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad, this festival draws thousand of extremely talented artists from across the globe to present their talent with the temples in scrim and the beholder in the front. Celebrating the magic of the rich classical Indian dances this is a spectacular event that augusts the glory of the enigmatic temples as well. This festival is famed nationally and also has created some niche and reputation in the international world.

The Fortification of the Divine Art Forms

This temple festival showcases various Indian Classical dances. Participate to spectacle various dance forms like the Kathak – dance of intricate foot work, Kuchipudi – dance drama, Bharatnatyam – stylish yet sophisticated, Odissi – mellifluous lyrical temple dance, Manipuri – depicting ancient civilisation, and Kathakali – the stage fight masked dance, that are some of the most popular dances. The open air auditorium where this art is performed, this seven day splendour invites two consummate artists from different genus to perform in an evening. Clashing with the famous Maha Shiv Ratri festival, the whole town during the event is blazing with festivity and religiousness. At this time the country's premiere dance festival is also revered and huge participation is drawn by the artists as well as the tourists. Besides the belletristic dance forms, recently modern dance forms have also been added for global exposure. This culture festival is held in the spring season, with a purpose to aware the present society, of the cultural heritage of Khajuraho and to preserve them for the upcoming generation.

In The Radiance of the Sun God

The Chitragupta Temple dedicated to the Sun God and the Vishwanatha Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the western group of the Khajuraho temples host this event. The illuminated temples add the glamour to the strenuous effort of the dancers. The western group of the Khajuraho temple is the largest and has the most spectacular monumental heritage. The beautiful gardens and lawns add to the ambiance. At dusk when the sun goes down, the temple of Sun God, is brightened and makes the person feel the presence of the sun and moon in fervency. It is indeed the platform where the past comes confronts the presence, in a rendezvous against the dark dotted night.

Khajuraho Festival Gaieties
Khajuraho Festival Gaieties

The Heritage That Goes Beyond Music and Dance

This dance festival not only accentuates the classical and modern dance of the country, but also give a chance to the artisans and craftsmen to display their talent. Do no miss visiting the workshops and seminars that are organised by the renowned artisans during the dance festival. These artists through this festival get a chance to emblazon their arts to the numerous visitors and tourists. Not only this, an open air field plays host to a market that sells the local handicrafts of Khajuraho. These locals handicrafts are native to these areas and one must buy these artifacts as token of remembrance. The Khajuraho Dance festival is one the rare festivals of the world that highlights the Indian Classical from of dance. This festival attracts thousands of tourist every year. To contemplate this event from your eyes is a remarkable reminisces of the rich Indian culture and heritage.

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Top 5 Reasons to See Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho Performances

The Dance of the Temple
Khajuraho Temples are colloquial of the unique heritage that through the dance forms is transformed into the cultural fervency of the town. The blending of the past and the present is an unparalleled occurrence that can be witnessed only on the land where the Khajuraho Temples stands.

When these Marvels Come to Life
Witnessing the dance after the dusk will enthrall your eyes. The illumination in the temples seem to add zest in the walls of these darkened stilettos. The blush of the setting sun, acts as an exquisite backdrop for this even making it appear like a dream stage ready to converse.

Unique Treat for Dancing Connoisseurs
This festivals helps in bringing in limelight, the great talents of the country. The various classical dance forms and the modern dance forms that are displayed here are of international repute. People from all over the world come to enjoy this seven day long festival.

The Classy Classical
Indulge yourself in the superfluity of the classical forms Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Kucchipudi, Manipuri dances that are performed here by the ace dancers. Moreover, the confluence of the Modern dance form along the classical makes this event a memorable one.

Shopping Delight
One can also enjoy attending the seminars and workshops organised by the renowned artisans. The open market held near the temples also avails the tourist to buy some local handicraft that are perfect souvenirs.

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