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Date of Birth : April 10, 1627 Shivaji Regime Ruled from 1627 - 1680
Region of Power : Pune, Bangalore, Vellore, Gingee, Raigarh, Javli
Heritage Forts : Raigadh, Pratapgad, Gingee and Sindhdurg
Famous Rulers : Mughal's Aurangzeb, Adilshah Sultan of Bijapur

Shivaji Heritage - Depicting The Rich Culture and Heritage of Marathas

Chhatrapati Shivaji Statue
Chhatrapati Shivaji Statue

When you talk about the great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji, it is not the valor and chivalry that counts but the overall contributions Shivaji made to the dynasty he founded himself - Maratha dynasty. Shivaji, the founder of the Hindu kingdom in Maharashtra at the time when Mughals and Sultans of Golconda, Ahmadnagar and Bijapur where in power. He fought with the Mughals on one side and on the other sultans of Bijapur. His achievements still contribute a large part of the folklore of the state. The legends narrate the tales that how Shivaji fought with the enemies and outwitted them time to time. So the life of Shivaji as a fighter, administrator, king, devote Hindu and most of all a father to the subjects of his state has inspired the people from centuries and is remembered as the most loved and respected and honored king of Marathas. If you will visit any town or city of Maharashtra, you will find the statue of Shivaji and the subliminal image of rich heritage that is showcased well in the forts and monuments all over the city, making the state richly endorsed with Shivaji's Heritage.

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Shivaji - The Great Maratha Legend

The great king Chhatrapati Shivaji was born on April 10, 1627 to Shahji and Jijabai in Shivner fort near Pune. Both the parents belonged to the royal clans of Bhonsle a Maratha caste, so Shivaji also inherited the caste and was named Shivaji Bhonsle. His father was chief of the army of Bijapur Sultan and has many tales about his fights with the Mughals. Right from the childhood days Shivaji's care was taken by her mother and later his military training was looked after by Dadoji Kondadev.

Proper guidance of the Shivaji and the training made him as solid as rock and there is no comparison to his determination. It was the tales of bravery and valor from the Holy Scriptures that inspired him to fight the enemies and liberate the people from the power of Mughals and other rulers of Deccan plateau and south India. At the very tender age Shivaji impressed the peasant youths to follow his ideology and it is considered the beginning of Gorilla warfare in India.

At the time when Shahji lost the battle for Nizamshahi Kingdom of Ahmadnagar with the Adilshah and Mughal, Shahji was asked to leave for what is now Bangalore and reins of Pune where handed over to Shivaji. It was the time when Shivaji had his first official seal, gifted by his father. At the age of 16 he conquered the three hill forts of Kondana, Torana and Rajgarh and had complete control over Pune region. Battle of Pratapgarh is considered as the turning point for Shivaji when he killed Afzal Khan one of the finest generals of Bijapur. After many ups and downs Shivaji formed his own kingdom Conquers many forts belonging to both the Mughals and Bijapur sultans. After the Shivaji's death due to high fever in 1680 the throne was succeeded by his son Sambhaji.

Mighty Forts Showcase the Shivaji Heritage

Pratapgad Fort
Pratapgad Fort

All the 300 forts in the state of Maharashtra are associated with the great Maratha warrior. Some forts where built by Shivaji himself, due to his keen interest in fort architecture. He also renovated and strengthened the old ones. The Pratapgadh fort is known for the Shivaji's encounter with Afzal Khan while Raigadh is the fort where Shivaji was crowned and the titled 'Chhatrapati'. Every fort has its own unique description, some are situated on the midst of islands where others are located on the beaches, some are known for there architectural design while others became famous for there defensive system. Take a Shivaji Heritage tour and witness these sentinel of history which are already braving the extreme climatic conditions from scorching sun to Deccan torrential rains and Arabian sea in full force attempts to breach the huge walls of these forts to view there beauty inside.

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Shivaji Heritage Around the Corner

Visit the state of Maharashtra and you will see that many squares, corners, streets, gardens and buildings are named after Great Shivaji some of them are Shivaji Garden, Shivaji street, Shivaji Terminus and Shivaji International Airport. Besides you will also find many statues of the Shivaji around streets and corner. Visit the grandeur of Shivaji Heritage before its taken up by the hoarders and experience the rich Maratha Legecy.

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Top 5 Highlights of Shivaji Heritage

Raigad Fort

History of Shivaji
Shivaji was born to parents of Bhonsle clan and had a royal upbringing with the strict discipline and training schedules that made the Shivaji India's most able King. Even today Shivaji's name is taken with the full honour and respect.

The Great Shivaji Heritage
The relevance of Shivaji can be found even today, many roads and Streets are named after him besides you can also find many statues of Shivaji inside the parks through out the country.

Values of Life
A look at the history of Shivaji is sufficient to know that he was a man of great values. Right from his childhood he was known for justice besides he was very dedicated, determined and a confident person. His bravery and courage is a known fact - Shivaji never bowed to his enemies.

Forts That Stood the Test of Time
The forts that stood from the Konkan region to Deccan plateau are sole witness to the heritage of Marathas. There are about 300 forts scattered all around the state from beaches, island to the heart of cities, all showcasing the rich great Maratha heritage.

Valor That Created History
Come and witness the great Maratha legecy, still preserved well in its forts and monuments all over the region. The true way to experience the rich culture and heritage of West India.

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