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Shubhyatra >> North East India

North East India

Location : To the east of Son and Kosi rivers
Major Cities : Patna, Kolkata, Aizwal, Shillong (East India Map)
Famous For : Tribal Culture, One-horned Rhino, Puri Rath Yatra, Tea Gardens
Holiday Destinations : Sundarbans, Sarnath, Darjeeling, Kaziranga

North East India Tours

If You Want To Explore Yourself..Come To East - North East India

North East India - There are very few places in the world that gift you a magnanimous heart to say 'WOW' and that too about everything. The eastern plains, drenched by the shimmering waters of holy Ganga and ebullient Brahmaputra, is one of them. Nestling to the east of Vindhya range that stretches its contours to the high mist-clad mountains of the northeast, East India cordially offers an India experience in India.

Holidays In The Enchanting States of North East India

Shanti Stupa, Bihar
Odissi Dance Performance
Durga Puja Celebrations
West Bengal
Sikkim Folk Dance
One Horned Rhino at Kaziranga National Park, Assam
Bamboo Dance, Meghalaya
Arunachal Pradesh Tribes
Arunachal Pradesh
Nagaland People
Manipuri Folk Dance
Mist-clad Mizoram Hills
Agartala Palace, Tripura
Jharkhand Paddy Fields

Welcome to the land where the first rays of the nascent sun kisses the misty your eyes a bronze sunset trembling amidst crimson ripples created in the heart of the ebullient Brahmaputra. Emerald tea gardens wrapped in a soothing aroma of leisure. Descend on the chaste Gangetic plains only to hear the clang of prayer bells at some Buddhist monastery. Come again. Shake hands with gentle people who will welcome you with warm welcoming smiles. Keep walking. Behold a rich and colourful culture, winds echoing an euphonic tune close to your heart, may be a folk bite. Run a few steps to cross the jungles. People call it Dooars. We call it a wild haven. Or heaven? They say, it is hard to find an implacable tiger, once it has left a kill. We say, don't worry, it will find you for another...

Keep walking. Can you listen to some cymbals? Yes, that's Kolkata for you, a British bouquet in Indian currency. It is the traveller's equivalent of a dream destination - warm, green with verdure and golden with sands, rich yet relaxing, almost always the lilt of flowing water and dancing sunlight wherever you roam... Now it's time to enjoy a boat cruise. Move your holidays to south. Slice the labyrinthine waterways and make your own way. Sssh..may be a Royal Bengal is on the greener side. Common..we have enough of crocs underneath. Waiting for a jump? Perhaps. Do whatever, but don't touch the sinister waters of Sundarbans, the largest delta in the world, for they are reigned by vicious crocodiles. Lend your ears to the beats of the drums.. May be a tribal party is on the rocks! A secret fraternity stil exists amidst solitary forests with all its unique thought process and way of thinking. Ancient traditions, occult dances, esoteric cuisines, and mythological lifestyles..what more do you want? Plan a holiday to a land that never ceases to captivate the mind's eye. This is east India for you, caressing 11 states, each outdoing the other when it comes to nature's endowment, yet maintaining its own distinguished culture and persona.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit North East India

Bihu Dance, Assam

Trail of Spirituality
In the eastern part of India is Bihar, where Buddhism was born 2,500 years ago, the sectors still reiterates with spiritual enlightenment, incarnated in the form of love, peace and tolerance. Know thyself on the chaste ghats of the Ganges or be a part of the famous Rath Yatra at the abode of the Lord of the Universe at Puri.

A Thrilling Wildlife Experience
A name that brings goose pimples to any wildlife enthusiast. It is a land where the land is ruled by the Great Royal Bengal tigers. It is a land that flaunts of the world famous one-horned rhino. Enjoy a unique wild lifestyle on a boat cruise and a few days stay on the sinister greens to behold Indian wilds from a closer perspective.

Rich Heritage Extravaganza
The erstwhile princely state of Ashoka now reverberates with exquisite heritage monuments that bedeck its palm fringed coast and congrously enchant all its visitors with alluring show of light and shades. Don't miss a visit to the world famous Sun Temple at Konark, that still echoes its grandeur in its magnificent architectural craftsmenship.

Tribal Temptations
Nestling in the heart of nature, the high hills of north-east India is a home to myriad tribes, who are said to have existed 10 centuries before Christ. A chance to know their ancient lifestyle, esoteric costumes, age-old traditions, colourful festivals is an unsurpassable charm that attracts thousands of tourists from every pocket of the world round the year.

Aroma of Tea Gardens
Dwelling beside the pristine river Brahmaputra and ringed by rolling hills, Assam presents an impressive array of fascinating tribes and cultures and a landscape of tranquil rivers, pictresque lakes, verdant valleys and lush hills that caresses some of the best tea varieties in the world.

Best Selling Yatras (Tours)

» Fascinating North East India Tour

Assam Tea GardenLet yourself go wild amidst the deep forests and picturesque rivers of North-East India before savouring on the ancient treasures still preserved by the tribals in these parts.
Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

» The Glorious Golden Triangles (I & II)

Rath Yatra PuriThe itinerary along the banks of holy rivers brings you the yoga experience at Varanasi Ghats and the divine charm of visiting the Lord of the Universe at Puri.
Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 499

» Lost Empire of South & East India

Golconda Fort, HyderabadExplore the forgotten magic in exquisite architectural heritages of South and East India, and see how the past unveils itself before your peeled eyes.
Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
Price Starts From: US$ 849

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One Horned Rhino, Assam

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Khajuraho Temple

Khajuraho Temples
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Varanasi Ghats

Varanasi Ghats
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Char Minar
This monument is a signature of the Nizami city of Hyderabad, once capital of a princely state, now India's cyber hub.

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple, Orissa
Listed as one amongst the renowned heritage sites of the world, the Sun Temple is an amazing piece of Oriyan architecture.

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