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Tiger India

Great Tiger Tours

Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights

Destination Cover: Delhi/Jim Corbett/ Jaipur/Sariska/ Ranthambore/ Bharatpur/Agra/ Khajuraho/ Panna/Bandhavgarh/Kanha/ Nagpur

Great Tiger Tour is an adventure trail of the jungles of North India that are recognized as the National Parks and Sanctuaries of India. This tour takes you to the wildest of the forests of India where you get to harmonies with the forest life, see animals in their wilderness and camp with tribals of the forest. Apart from sighting tigers, during this tour you also get to collect stuff that are rarely found in jungles of India.
Day 1 - Delhi
Today we arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It is a breathtaking sight to see Delhi's International Airport slowly emerge from mist laden skies. As the plane prepares to land, the mist cover fades away with the sun basking at the international airport of Delhi. As the plane lands on the airport, you are greeted by representatives of the hotel where you are going to lodge. Once they find you, our representatives would take charge of everything and you may not worry about anything that is to follow. Board on luxury cars as they drive you through the heart of Delhi toward the hotel. On the way to the hotel, watch the innumerable shopping malls that queue up in major marts of the city. People can be seen visiting these malls on escalators that take them to the top floors of shopping malls. As the cab reaches the hotel, you are greeted by the authorities and are taken to your room. A lavish dinner follows that fills you up to the brim. Overnight is at the hotel.
Day 2 - Delhi Sightseeing
Rickshaw Ride DelhiToday we start with sightseeing of Delhi. Morning is kept for sightseeing of New Delhi. Our cab drives us to Qutub Minar – a minaret built out of bricks that stands tall in Delhi. Mounting on it you can get a panoramic view of Delhi. We drive past this place to reach Lotus Temple – a fantastic creation of modern art where the temple is given the form of a Lotus. Take pictures of this amazing temple and spend time in the silence of the temple. As we continue with our drive we reach Humayun's tomb where soft breeze of air in its green garden soothes us. Take pictures of the tomb and then head towards Akshardam Temple – a marvelous monumental creation of this century. The gardens of this temple is similar to Taj Mahal of Agra with fountains sprinkling water. Continue drive and see Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate from the window as the car drives you past these monumental buildings of India. Walk on the green lawns of India Gate and light candles to show your honour to Indian martyrs. Here, we take a break and engage in a delicious luncheon that follows. We resume back to the sightseeing of Delhi by taking up tours of Old Delhi. But before we head to Old Delhi, we visit the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi to pay our honour to this great soul. Now, we visit the streets of old Delhi, where we engage in a fascinating rickshaw ride in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk. Our guide helps us to buy some glittering jewelleries from Dariba Kalan, following which we head to Red Fort to explore the ramparts of this great Mughal heritage. Also watch ' light and sound show' in the fort that narrates of incredible stories of the mughals. Return back to the hotel after the show.
Day 3 - Delhi - Jim Corbett (230 kms)
Morning we drive you to Jim Corbett National Park. By the time we arrive here it is already afternoon. So, we check into the jungle resort of the Park and have a very sumptuous meal comprising of delicacies made out of jungle vegetables and fruits. Later, in the evening we undertake a jeep safari into the jungle of Corbett. Tigers normally do not stay active in the evening as by evening they finish up huntings on their preys and rest after feeding their young ones. But, you can get glimpses of flocks of birds returning to their nests. Also, make use of binoculars to zoom into the setting sun and to get a magnificent view of its golden hue. Then return back to the resort for overnight stay.
Day 4 - Jim Corbett
Jeep Safari in the ForestWake up with the twittering of birds and then we drive you to the forest on a jeep when you get to see the sunrise and hear the animals start to mourn with the break of dawn. The mist laden skies slowly start to clear up while leaves start to drop the dews settled on it during the night. As we drive past the forest, take pictures of herds of Elephants escorting the younger elephants, jackles slyingly crossing our road and rabbits running into a safe hole. The birds start reaching the higher layers of atmosphere as they now know that a new day has begun. We return back to the resort for our breakfast that comprises of jungle fruits, herbs and milk of wild buffaloes. After the breakfast, mount on an Elephant to experience safari on its back into the jungle of Jim Corbett. This time there is every chance that you get a glimpse of a tiger. If you happen to be face to face with a tiger, do not panic as a tiger would never dare to attack an Elephant. On such an occasion, simply take pictures of the tiger with close-ups. Safari on an Elephant is fascinating as the Elephant being tall, tree barks often come your way and you should know how to safe-guard yourself. The mahoot takes you through the core areas of the jungle and then return back to the resort for lunch. After the lunch, rest for a while and be at leisure. Evening, we take you to meet the tribes of the jungles. Collect extra-ordinary jungle products from them and try to interact with them. Also watch them perform tribal dance while sitting beside a bonfire. Night is at the resort.
Day 5 - Jim Corbett - Jaipur
Morning we drive to Jaipur - the pink city of India. On arrival, check into Alisar Haveli – one of the magnificent monuments of Jaipur. Have lunch and then we take you to Hawa Mahal and on the way visit the beautiful havelis of Jaipur. These havelis were the dwelling places of the wealthy merchants of Jaipur. Watch the exquisite mural paintings and motifs on its walls and use your cameras to take pictures of it. On arrival to Hawa Mahal, climb up to reach its famous arcades and get a glimpse of different activities on the street below. We then drive you to the markets of Jaipur that is spread over a mesh of lanes. Pick up precious and semi-precious gems and stones from Johari Bazaar, marbled artefacts and handicrafts from Khazane Walon ka Raasta and hand printed tie & dye fabrics from other lanes of the market. Overnight stay is at the hotel.
Day 6 - Jaipur Sightseeing
Amber Fort JaipurToday we take you to see the palaces and forts of Jaipur. We start in the morning with Amber Fort and it becomes very fascinating as a caparisoned elephant takes us to the ramparts of the fort from where a panoramic view of the city of Jaipur is really mesmerising. Capture some the scenes of the pink city from the fort top in a camcorder. We then take you to the City Palace of Jaipur - the royal residence of the Maharas of Jaipur. Here, you get to explore the museum, showcasing the royal artefacts of Jaipur Palace. Also, walk in its courtyards to watch the Peacock Square along with exquisite palaces like Chandra Mahal, Mubarak, Mahal and Badal Mahal. We then take you to see Jantar Mantar – an old structure built with intention to locate the position of stars and planets. From here we drive you to Chokhi Dhani – a famous village resort that retains its ethnicity and rural ambiance. Experience living in Huts in the village while enjoying the cultural performances in the form of music and dance and savouring of the traditional Rajasthani cuisines. Spend the night in huts of the resort.
Day 7 - Jaipur – Sariska (111 kms)
Morning, we drive you to Sariska National Park, nestled in the Aravali Hills. Covered with dhok trees, this place gives a picturesque view of the surrounding. On arrival, we check in at the resort of the Jungle. After lunch, we start with a jungle safari of the forest. This forest is home to a lot of species like tigers, hyenas, jungle cats, nilgai and a variety of bird population. As our safari takes us to the interiors of the jungle, do not hesitate to take pictures of the animals that come our way. This park is also famous for the ruins of the temples of Garh-Rajor dating back to 10th and 11th centuries. Also, you get to see fascinating view of flying vultures and eagles from the 17th century hilltop at Kankwari. Later, in the evening, return back to the resort of the jungle. Spend night camping beside a bonfire on the lawn of the jungle resort, playing guitars and singing along with other inmates of the resort.
Day 8 - Sariska – Ranthambore (240 kms)
Tiger RanthamboreMorning we drive you to Ranthambore. On arrival, we check into the resort in Ranthambore. Ranthambore is famous for being a major tiger reserve of India and our arrival is welcomed at the resort with the throwing up a befitting luncheon that suites to our taste. The luncheon consists of delicacies prepared from jungle herbs, local chickens and meat of local animals. Fill yourself to the brim and then start with a jungle sightseeing tour. The sightseeing brings to you the flora and fauna of Ranthambore along with an Old Fort termed as the Ranthambore fort. Walk inside the fort and climb up its ramparts to have a panoramic view of the jungle. Use cameras, binoculars and camcorders to get detailed view of the jungle. Also view the setting sun from the fort. As it starts to darken return back to the resort for overnight rest.
Day 9 - Ranthambore Sightseeing
Morning we take you for sightseeing of the jungles of Ranthambore when you also get to see the dawn breaking and the sunlight casting its rays to energize all living beings of the forest to start a new day. At times it might also rain and in such a case we take you on a jeep to feel the wetness of the jungle. Return back to the resort for breakfast and then we start with yet another fascinating trail that comprises of trekking the jungle with a group of people who mount on several elephants that move in a group. This is the most fascinating adventure trail, as everything in the jungle seems to wait for our caravan to pass. Be with the wildest of the wild or the most ferocious of all the tigers and lions, they would simply sneak aside and allow us to thump on the forest of Ranthambore. Take pictures of everything that comes your way with confidence as the caravan passes through hills and slopes of the dense forest. Later, return back to the resort and have a sumptuous lunch. Then engage yourself to watching a film of the jungle as shot by the jungle authorites. Be at your very best and relax. Night is at the resort.
Day 10 - Ranthambore - Bharatpur (225 kms)
Pond Heron BharatpurMorning after breakfast, we start a drive to reach Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. We drive through the interiors of Rajasthan, where you get to see the rural charms and village life of this heritage town. So, watch rural Rajasthan through the windows panes of the cab. By the time we reach Bharatpur, it is already afternoon, so on arrival directly check into the hotel. A sumptuous lunch follows. The rest of the day is at your disposal. Take a walk through the forest of Bharatpur and record the sweet twitter of different birds in a tape recorder or just spent time exploring the local vegetation of the forest and idling beside lakes of the forest. Return back to the resort for overnight stay.
Day 11 - Bharatpur Sightseeing
Morning, we take you for sightseeing tour of Bharatpur. A rickshaw takes us to the interiors of the forest to enable us to see the different migratory birds that inhabit the forest. The rickshaw silently moves into marshy lands and near ponds without making any sound and that makes the birds stay on and you can take beautiful pictures of the birds that come to this forest from distant lands. Bharatpur is recognized to attract the largest variety of avifauna that includes rare and endangered species. Birds from Siberia and Central Asia are the major attraction as they are rarely found. Return back to the resort for the luncheon that includes all cuisines made from jungle vegetation. After lunch, we start with a boat ride that enables us to unravel the hidden wonders that lie deep inside the park. Always make sure that your binoculars and camera are by your side for without them you might miss something very interesting. Return back to the resort by evening and interact with the locals of the place to learn more about the routine of migratory birds from their interesting tales. Overnight is at the resort.
Day 12 - Bharatpur – Agra (56 kms)
Buland Darwaza Fatehpur SikriMorning we drive you to Agra and on the way we en route Fatehpur Sikri. On arrival to the world heritage site of Fatehpur Sikri, we take you to the fort of Fatehpur Sikri. The Buland Darwaza stands firm guarding a grand history. Walk inside the courtyards of the fort and be a witness to the majastic palaces, wall decorations, fountains and royal court of the palace. We then continue drive toward Agra - the majestic town of Taj Mahal. On arrival, we check into the hotel. Evening is on the lawns of Taj Mahal. Take pictures of Taj in moonlit light and also pick mini Taj from Oswal emporium of Agra. Overnight is at the hotel.
Day 13 - Agra – Khajuraho
Morning we take you for sightseeing of Taj Mahal that looks exquisitely beautiful as it glitters in the morning rays of the basking sun. We continue with our drive to reach Agra Fort – one of the strongholds of the mughal dynasty. Take pictures of this mighty citadel. We then continue drive toward Sikandra – the resting ground of emperor Akbar. After visiting the courtyard of the tomb, we start drive toward Khajuraho – the temple town of India famous for its erotic temples. On arrival, check into the hotel and then in the evening we take you to temple of Khajuraho to explore the exquisite beauty of the temples. The temples that we visit are Chaunsath Yogini Temple, Kandariya Mahadev Temple and Lakshmana Temple. The erotic stone carvings at this temples leaves us numb at its beauty. We then return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 14 - Khajuraho – Panna ( 57 kms )
Khuajuraho TempleMorning we start for Panna National Park located at a short distance from Khajuraho. Being close to Khajuraho this is an exciting stop-over destination where you get to see all types mammals, avifauna and reptiles. On arrival, we check in at the resort of the forest and rest for a while. We then start with a jeep safari that takes us to the interiors of the forest. Watch the different flora and fauna of the forest and make use of binoculars to get a closer look. Panna is also famous for its diamond mining industry and you also get to see the processes of diamond procuring during the safari. We then start with a boat cruise on a lake that is fed with a waterfall. Get a glimpse of water predators and other animals around the lake. We then return back to the resort and rest there while enjoying the evening tea. Then we start with the major attraction that is a night safari to Gangau offered by the Ken River Lodge. Some of the interesting animals come out only during nights like jungle cats, porcupines and sloth bears. So, you get to see these animals and take pictures of them. Return back to th e resort for overnight stay.
Day 15 - Panna – Bandhavgarh (196 kms)
Early in the morning, we drive you to Bhandavgarh National Park and it takes just 4 hrs to reach. On arrival, we check in at the jungle resort and are offered a lavish breakfast. Rest for a while and then we start with an Elephant Safari. The chances of sighting a tiger is the highest in Bhandavgarh as this jungle has the highest density of tigers in India. So, be ready with your cameras and binoculars to take close pictures of tigers whenever you sight them. Bird watching can also be equally rewarding beside visit to the Bhandavgarh Fort located at the centre of the Park. This fort is very majestic and around 2000 years old. Climb up the fort to get a breathtaking view of the setting sun in Bandhavgarh Forest. We also take you to the sandstone caves that are famous for the Brahmi inscription on the walls. We then head back to the jungle resort where we get to attend a presentation about wildlife in Bhandavgarh. Take interest in the seminar as it is very interesting and provides many unknown information about the jungle. Overnight is at the resort.
Day 16 - Bhandavgarh to Kanha (240 kms)
Tiger KanhaMorning, we once again take you for a jeep safari in the forest of Bhandavgarh. It is very fascinating to hear the chirping of birds amidst the mist laden morning air. Bhandavgarh may seem to be scary at this hour of the day and it is safe for you not to get down of your jeep as the forest is dominated by dangerous reptiles, beasts and wild animals. But, at the same time it is also fun to watch them in their natural habitat. Take pictures of the jungle and then return back to the resort for breakfast. We then start with our journey toward Khanna National Park. It takes us around 5 hrs to reach Kanha. On arrival, check into the resort and have your lunch. Your lunch comprises of delicious dishes prepared from vegetables that are available in the jungle. We then start with a jungle safari of Kanha. Kanha is declared to be a tiger reserve and so it is possible to sight a tiger in its natural wilderness while undertaking a jungle safari in the park. After the safari, engage in a discussion with the local tribal population of Kanha jungle. You get a lot of information from the locals about forest life and they would also give you a lot of jungle products that they usually collect with much pain. Overnight is at the resort.
Day 17 - Kanha – Nagpur (266 km) – Delhi
Morning we drive you to Nagpur from Kanha. On arrival, we take you to Sitabuldi Fort, that stands in the heart of the city. This is a grand fort of Nagpur and after viewing the fort we take you to Tekdi Ganapathi Temple. We then engage ourselves in a luncheon that comprises of all exclusive dishes of Nagpur. Nagpur is known to be the Orange growing capital of India, so never shy away from tasting some of those sweet oranges of Nagpur. After lunch, we drive you to the airport of Nagpur where you board a flight that brings you to Delhi. On arrival, our representatives, guide you to board a connect flight that takes you back home. Our services end with you departure.

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