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Pilgrimage in India

Pilgrimage Spiritual Tour

Duration: 20 Days / 19 Nights

Destination Cover: Delhi/ Lucknow/ Ayodhya/ Allahabad/Varanasi/ Mathura/ Vindaban/ Gokul/Mahavan /Govardhan/Agra /Haridwar/ Rishikesh/ Chardam/ Badrinath / Kedarnath/Gangotri/ Yamunotri/ Joshimath/

Pilgrimage Spiritual Tour is travel to places of India that are the famous pilgrim destinations of India. On this tour the traveler is taken to the birth places of Ram and Krishna where the fun is not only confined to consciousness of Ram and Krishna but extends to visiting the places where they spent their childhood days. Besides, this tour includes cruise on river Ganga, Chardam Yatra and attending evening aarti at river banks like Har-ki-Pauri.
Day 1 - Arrival to Delhi
Morning is arrival to International Airport of Delhi. As the plane lands on the International Airport of Delhi, our representatives drive you to the hotel tracing a path that leads through the heart of Delhi. A lot of activities come to limelight like the city life of Delhitees and the fun-filled activities that make the drive through Delhi a very pleasant drive. As we continue drive toward the the Hotel, watch out for the impeccable charms like the greenery, flyovers and metro rails. On arrival to the hotel, check in to your room after a dinner at the hotel.
Day 2 - Delhi Sightseeing
Humayun Tomb ViewMorning, we take you for sightseeing of Delhi. We start sightseeing of Delhi with Qutub Minar – that is a fascinating feast to tourist's eye. Watch this brick minaret and take pictures of it from close quarters. We then bring you to Lotus temple where it is very relaxing to meditate in the silence of the temple. We drive on the hard tarmac laden roads of Delhi and continue toward Humayun Tomb. On arrival, walk on the green lawns of the tomb on which falls shadow of the tall tomb. As we drive past Humayun's Tomb, we reach out for the newly constructed Akshardam temple. This temple is ornately decorated and brings to limelight the contemporary form of art that is prevalent in India. Have a close look of the temple and then drive past the citadels of India that stand as a guardian of its democracy. The citadels are like Parliament of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate. We then take a break and engage ourselves on relishing sumptuous meals. We then resume with the sightseeing tours of Delhi. Now, first visit the Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi to pay your homage to this hero who brought freedom to India. Then we drive you to the narrow lanes of old Delhi where a rickshaw ride enthralls you. Buy jewelleries from the shops of Dariba Kalan as this place is a famous jewellery mart of Delhi. After the shopping we take you to Red Fort where the fascination of the monument makes you spellbound at its beauty. Also, watch the fascinating 'light and sound' show of the fort. Overnight is at the hotel.
Day 3 - Delhi - Lucknow – Ayodhya
Morning, we take you to the Railway Station to board train for Lucknow. On the way, watch out for the countryside of India from the windows of the train. It is an eclectic mix of ploughing lands, village communities and urban- rural paraphernalia. On arrival to the railway station at Lucknow, start a drive to Ayodhya – the holy city of Hindus where it is believed that Lord Ram took birth. On arrival, check into the hotel in Ayodhya and spend overnight in Ayodhya.
Day 4 - Ayodhya Sightseeing
AyodhyaMorning, we start sightseeing of Ayodhya. We first drive you to the Jain temples of Ayodhya as it is regarded as the birth place of the five tirthankaras. Walk inside the temple to see the magnificent architecture of the temples. We then continue toward Swargdwar – the strip of land from Sahasradhara to Nageshwarnath temple commonly known as Swargdwar. Watch out for the buildings on the Ghats that offer a magnificent view. We then take you to Nageshwarnath Temple, a temple established by the Kush the Son of Rama. Offer floral tributes to the Shiv Linga of the temple. Next we drive you to Kanak Bhawan - a palace that queen Kaikeyi built for Sita. In the evening, we take you to Maniparvat – a portion of the mountain that broke off and fell in Ayodhya while Hunuman was carrying it for treating Lakshman. Look out for rare herbs on the Hillock that has immense medicinal value. Return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 5 - Ayodhya – Allahabad (175 kms)
Morning, after breakfast, we leave Ayodhya and drive to reach Allahabad. On arrival, check into a hotel. After lunch, we take you for a boat cruise on Ganga river that culminates to Treveni Sangam - the confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Take a dip on the waters here as the sailor of your boat makes proper arrangements for it by attaching an extension to the boat. It is considered very auspicious to have bath here as people are known to attain salvation after bathing here. After the boat cruise, we take you to Allahabad Fort – a unique citadel built by Akbar that is now being used by Indian army. Once inside the fort, watch out for the Patalpuri Temple that is an underground temple. Here, you also get to see Akshaya Vat – that is considered to be a revered tree of the Hindus. Return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 6 - Allahabad – Varanasi (122 Kms)
Morning we drive you to Varanasi from Allahabad. On arrival, check into hotel and take lunch. Varanasi is the only ancient city of India that still retains its old world charm. After lunch, we take you for evening walk on the banks of Ganga. Watch evening aarti in the temples at the shores of Ganga and then start a boat cruise on Ganga. As the boat takes you along the banks of the Ganga, watch out for houses that teem with innumerable lights. The boat ride on Ganga makes one mesmerized on the charms of the holy river Ganga as the serene environment makes one elated at its extreme holiness. After the boat cruise, return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 7 - Varanasi – Mathura
Mathura TempleMorning wake up early to have a breathtaking view of sunrise over the river Ganga. It is considered very auspicious to take a dip of Ganga at this hour as a person doing so is said to be deposed of all sins and would hence attain salvation. Return back to the hotel and take breakfast. Later, start a drive toward Mathura – the birth place of Lord Krishna and on arrival check in at a hotel in Mathura. Overnight is at Mathura.
Day 8 - Mathura – Vindaban
Morning we take you for sightseeing of Mathura. We first take you to Kansa's Quila – a fort built by the demon king Kansa that is almost in ruins now. Following this, we take you to the river front facing the Yamuna river that is lined with temples and bathing ghats. The Vishram ghat is the most important here as it is believed that Lord Krishna rested on this ghat after killing his demon Uncle Kansa. Rest for a while like Krishna did on the Ghats. We also take you to Shri Krishna Janamsthan – a huge complex that marks the birth of Lord Krishna. Then take a break and taste delicious cuisines that are exclusively found in Mathura. Then start with a drive toward Vrindavan. Vrindavan being located at a close distance from Mathura, we reach here on a short drive. We take you for sightseeing of Vrindavan and visit places like Raman Reti – the place where Krishna and Radha used to meet, Nidhiva – the resting place of Radha and Krishna. We also visit the samadhis of various devotees, the banks of yamuna river and old age orphanages where people can be heard singing devotional songs of Lord Krishna. Overnight stay is at a hotel in Vrindavan.
Day 9 - Vrindaban - Gokul - Mahavan – Govardhan
Morning, after breakfast, we take you to Gokul – one of the celebrated abode of Lord Krishna. It is in Gokul that Lord Krishna was brought up in secrecy by Yashoda. We then continue drive to Mahavan lying on the banks of river Yamuna. Here, you get to see the large shrine Mathuranath that is famed for its Chaurasi Khamba – a structure consisting of 84 pillars. Having seen the place we drive you to Govardhan – a famous pilgrimage place of the Hindus. This place is known for its narrow sandstone hill Giriraj. Lord Krishna is known to have had held Giriraj on the tip of his finger for 7 days and nights so as to shield the people of Braj from a deluge of rain. Having seen the place, we take you to a hotel for overnight rest.
Day 10 - Govardhan – Agra
Govardhan TempleMorning, after breakfast, we drive you to Agra from Govardhan. On arrival, we head toward Red Fort to see this splendorous structure constructed by mughals. Watch parrots nesting on the canyon walls of this citadel. Once into the fort, observe the marvelous craftsmanship that led to the construction of the fort. Have a sit on the marbled bed of emperor Shah Jahan and get the glimpse of Taj mahal at a distance from the fort. Take a break and have a lunch in a restaurant nearby. We then take you to the Taj Mahal where you spend the evening on the white marbled structure and observe its magnificence in silver rays of the moon. Retire in a hotel in Agra for overnight rest.
Day 11 - Agra – Delhi
Morning, we take you for sightseeing of Taj Mahal, this time to see Taj in morning sunlight. Enjoy a camel cart ride that takes you to the doors of Taj Mahal. On entering Taj Mahal, take pictures of this marvelous structure drenched in morning Sunlight. We then take you to Sadar market where you get to buy mini Taj and other exclusive items made out of marble. After lunch, we drive you to Delhi en routing Sikanda – the tomb of Emperor Akbar. Watch this tomb as it is a magnificent structure created out of brick stones. Continue drive toward Delhi and on arrival, check into the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 12 - Delhi - Haridwar
Haridwar GhatMorning, we drive you to Haridwar. On the way, observe the rural charms along with the frequent sighting of river Ganga rushing down through hills and valleys. The charismatic charm of this voyage ends with arrival to the Hindu Pilgrim destination Haridwar. Check into a hotel in Haridwar and engage in a luncheon that comprises of delicacies of the region. We then start sightseeing of Haridwar. We visit the famous temples like Bharat Mata Temple, Shanti Kunj, Chandi Devi and Maya Devi. These temples are famous for their magnificent architecture and boosts of a grandeur that is only to be seen here. Take pictures of the incredible carvings on the temple walls and then in the evening we visit the famous ghats of Har-ki-Puri on the river banks of Ganga to watch evening aarti at this place. Also, light and float diyas on the river bank. Spend the night in a hotel in Haridwar.
Day 13 - Haridwar- Rishikesh
Morning we start drive toward Rishikesh. On arrival, you are escorted to the hotel by our tour guides. Take some rest and have your food. We then start with river rafting in Ganges and raft down with tour guides along the fast currents of the river. Extol in the torturous rapids of the river. Continue rafting till it is dark and then retire to a camp and spend the night camping with fellow mates while relishing on food that is prepared from a bonfire. Night is amid the warmness of the lighted fire in camps along the river banks.
Day 14 - Rishikesh – Chardam
Chardham TempleWe then start sightseeing tours of Rishikesh that comprises of visiting the innumerable temples of Rishikesh. Offer floral tributes in the temples of Rishikesh and then we take you to other main attractions of Rishikesh like Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula. Once on these suspended bridges, feel the cool breeze of air that flows from the river below. We also take you to the famous Bharat Mandir and spend some time on the holy environ of the temple. Then after lunch, continue drive toward Chardam. The first place that we visit while touring Chardam is Badrinath. Check into a hotel in Badrinath on arrival. Overnight is at the hotel in Badrinath.
Day 15 - Badrinath - Kedarnath
Morning we start with sightseeing of Badrinath. We take you to Badrinath Temple perched at an altitude of 3,133 meters above sea level. This conical temple has sustained many damages by avalanches. Once in the temple, watch out for 'garbha griha' or sanctum sanctorum, the' darshan mandap' where the rituals are conducted and the 'sabha mandap' where devotees assemble. We also take you to the temple of Yog Dhyan Badri one of the five Badris located at Pandukeshwar (1920 m). We then drive you to Kedarnath lying at an altitude of 3.581 mts. above sea level. The night is at tourist rest houses at Kedarnath.
Day 16 - Kedarnath - Gangotri
Saint at GangotriMorning we take you for sightseeing of Kedarnath. We first visit the famous Kedarnath Temple – a revered temple found from the time of the Mahabharata. Offer floral tributes to lord Shiv in this temple. We then drive you toward Gangotri - situated at an elevation of 3200 m and surrounded by deodars and pines. On arrival, we check into a dharamshala perched just opposite to the river Ganga. Spend the night on this mountain peak where the gushing sound of river Ganga mesmerizes the spirit.
Day 17 - Gangotri - Yamunotri
Morning we take you to the shrine of Gangotri situated at an elevation of 3200 m above sea level. The original temple was constructed by Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa. As you head to the temple, you find thousands of visitors coming to this place every year to worship Shiva just as Raja Bhagirath used to worship on a slab of rock. Also watch out for the natural Shivling where according to mythology lord Shiva sat after receiving Goddess Ganga in his matted locks. Having seen all these we start for a drive to reach Yamunotri. On arrival, check into a hotel at Yamunotri. Overnight is at the hotel.
Day 18 - Yamunotri - Joshimath
Morning we take you to Yamunotri Temple. Dedicated to Goddesses Yamuna, it is perched atop a flank of the Bandar Poonch peak. The shrine attracts devotees in large numbers and you would find many people offering floral tributes to the deity of the temple. Pray to the deity of the temple as all wishes are known to be fulfilled here. Also take pictures of the panoramic view of the valley below from Poonch peak. We then drive you to Joshimath. Watch mountain peaks from the windows of the cab and also see rivers crawl down the valley. On arrival to Joshimath, check into the hotel. overnight is at the hotel.
Day 19 - Joshimath Sightseeing
JoshimathMorning, we start with sightseeing of Joshimath. Visit temples like Tapovan Temple and watch out for the beauty of this magnificent temple. Take a refreshing bath on the hot sulphur spring as this spring is known for its healing qualities. Also, visit Narsimha Temple and Shankracharya caves. Make use of torch lights as the interiors of the cave is completely dark. Having offered prayers in Narsijmha Temple, return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 20 - Joshimath – Haridwar – Delhi
Morning after breakfast, we drive you to Haridwar. Watch out for the innumerable, the serene and calm environs while on the drive. On arrival, have your lunch and rest by the river banks of Ganga. The sight of the river is really idyllic. We then drive you to Jolly Grant Airport 35 kms from Haridwar where you board the flight that takes you to Delhi. On arrival, our representatives guide you to the International Airport of Delhi where you board flight that takes you back home.

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