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Taj Mahal View

Splendrous Taj Mahal

Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights

Destination Cover: Delhi / Jaipur /Alwar/ Ranthambore/ Fatehpur Sikri / Agra

The Splendrous Taj Mahal tour is a tour undertaken especially to have a gasping view of Taj Mahal and its suroundings. However, this tour also takes a sojourn to the forests of Ranthambore and the hills of Alwar. The tour summarily brings to limelight Agra and its fascinating sightseeing options.
Day 1 - Arrival to Delhi
Morning arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi. On arrival, the representatives of the hotel receive you at the international airport. You are then driven through the city of Delhi when you get to see live, the activities of Delhitees in evening hours. The nightlife of Delhi is very jubilant as people can be seen visiting cinema halls, getting into big shopping malls and eventually loitering all around sipping in fruit juices, beer or lassi. Among all these frolic, street vendours can be seen queuing on a set array to sell their self prepared food. As you watch all these from the facades of the car window, the cab reaches the hotel gates. You are being greeted by the hotel authorities and shown the way to your room. On arrival, just relax and be at leisure after which a buffet dinner follows. Overnight is at the Hotel.
Day 2 - Delhi Sightseeing
Delhi LifeMorning we take you for sightseeing of Delhi. We start with sightseeing of New Delhi and then continue toward Old Delhi. As we start with the sightseeing, we first drive toward Qutub Minar. The road is smooth, the day is cool and Delhi seems to be firm and old. On reaching Qutub, watch out for the rustic beauty of this generations old brick minaret. We then continue drive toward Lotus temple – a white structure built at the very heart of Delhi that stands as a symbol of unity of all religions. Meditate in the silence of the temple and then drive toward the tomb of Humayun. This tomb is set amongst a lush green garden that leaves a tourist spell-bound at its tranquil beauty. Walk inside the tomb and then drive to reach Akshardam temple. On arrival to the temple, which is an exemplary example of modern day art take pictures of this marvelous temple and look out for the intrinsic carvings on its walls. Next we drive past the Janpath to see Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament of India and India Gate. Smack on some delicious gol-gappas on the green lawns India Gate and then take a break for lunch. Regale on the delicious cuisines served at your table and then resume back to sightseeing of Delhi. We drive you to the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi where you pay your obeisance to this great soul. Following this we continue drive toward the narrow streets of old Delhi where a fascinating rickshaw ride enthralls our spirit. Buy some magnificent jewelleries from the jewellery souk of Dariba Kalan. Then as the day seem to lose by the overpowering of the darkness of nightfall, visit Red Fort to watch a 'light and sound' show at the fort. Return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 3 - Delhi - Jaipur
Morning after breakfast, we drive you to the Domestic Airport of Delhi where we board the flight that takes you to the pink city of Jaipur. Jaipur's airport is located in Sanganer a 13 km drive from the city of Jaipur. We drive you to the hotel in Jaipur where you are at your own leisure. After some rest we start with sightseeing of Jaipur. This place looks great as it gives an overall impression of pink hue. We drive you to various Havelis of Jaipur that till date retains its old glamour. Look out for the impressive frescoes that decorate the walls of the havelis. Take pictures of these beautiful havelis and then we drive you to Hawa Mahal. Watch the various activities on the road below from the arcades of Hawa Mahal. We then take you to Jantar Mantar where you get to learn to locate the position of stars and planets. Evening is at the markets of Jaipur, where you can pick up precious and semi-precious stones from the jewellery shops of the market. Return back to the hotel. Overnight is at the hotel.
Day 4 - Jaipur
City Palace JaipurMorning we take you for sightseeing of this enormously beautiful town of Jaipur. We drive past the havelis once again and reach out for Amber fort. In Amber fort a caparisoned elephant takes you to the ramparts of the fort and the thrilling elephant ride makes the whole trip awesome. Once in the fort, visit every palace inside the fort and take pictures of this enormous fort. We then drive you to the City Palace of Jaipur where everything inside the fort seems to be exasperating and thrilling. Watch out for Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Badal Mahal, Shri Govind Dev Temple besides the peacock-square that leaves everyone dumbfounded. The City Palace Museum displays exquisite paintings, motifs and murals in all the galleries that you get to visit. After visiting the Palace, we drive you to Chokhi Dhani - a village resort. On arrival to Chokhi Dhani, you get to experience the fascinating stay in the village huts of Chokhi Dhani. Overnight is at the huts of Chokhi Dhani village resort.
Day 5 - Jaipur – Alwar (145 kms)
Morning we drive you to Alwar from Jaipur. On arrival, check into the hotel in Alwar. Alwar is a great destination for all tourists who are looking for heritage travel to the state of Rajasthan. On the way to Alwar watch out for the rural charms of the Rajasthan that sometimes shows up in the form of herds of Camels and sometimes in the form of Oases in the vast desert land. On arrival, check into a hotel in Alwar. After your refreshment, join for a lunch at the restaurant of the hotel. Try out dishes like Alwar Mawa or Kalakand – a milk preparation. We then take you to Alwar Fort – the main tourist attraction of the place. Track the steep hill as this fort lies on a 300 m steep cliff. Watch the view of a panoramic sunset form this fort and then we drive you to the markets for shopping. Shop till you drop for handicrafts and antiques. Return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 6 - Alwar
Morning we once again start with sightseeing of Alwar. After breakfast, we drive you to city palace that boldly displays both Hindu and Muslim influences. Once in the fort, watch out for Rajput miniatures on the Sheesh Mahal and then walk into the Government museums of the fort. Watch out for the items that are preserved within the fort and start drive toward Moosi Maharani Chhatri – an impressive centopath on the banks of Sagar lake. Take pictures of this imposing structure and then we take you to Vijay Mandir Palace - the royal residence of the Maharaja Jai Singh. From here, we drive you to Bharathari temple, named after Raja Bharathari of Ujjain who meditated here for many years. Sit and meditate like Raja Bharathari once you reach this temple. Then return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 7 - Alwar – Ranthambore
Ranthambore PeacocksMorning we drive you from Alwar to Ranthambore. On arrival, check into the jungle resort here. Take some rest and enjoy the cuisines served at the table. We then take you on a jeep safari to the forest where you get to see many lakes and hillocks on the way. Stay on the jeep as there may be wild beasts around. As we continue with the safari, we reach to the fort of Ranthambore located within the jungle. Enter the fort and get a panoramic view of the jungle from the fort top. Make use of binoculars to get a vivid view of the vast forest stretch. Stay there till sunset and get a splendid view of the setting sun from the fort. We then drive you back to the resort where a short documentary film on the Ranthambore flora and fauna is played. Having seen the documentary, join our team who sets in a bonfire where you spend the night relishing on tasty cuisines and singing till you fall asleep to retire to your rooms in the resort.
Day 8 - Ranthambore
Morning wake up with dawn and drive on a jeep to the forest. It is very fascinating to see birds waking up and animals getting themselves ready for the day. As we drive past the forest, take pictures of everything that you get to see. The sight is just breathtaking. After seeing the morning splendour of the forest we return back to the resort for breakfast. Get prepared for another trip to the forest, this time mounting an Elephant. As we start with the Elephant Safari, you are sure to sight many wild-life of the forest. Continue with your safari toward the interiors of the forest. As the elephant moves into the core areas of the forest, do not panic as elephants are quite safe and other wild beasts normally would not attack an elephant. Use your binoculars as here you can easily sight a 'tiger'. Then return back to the hotel for lunch. After the lunch, take some rest and then in the evening we take you to meet the tribal population staying in the forest. Interact with them with the help of our tour guides. The tribals reveal many mysteries of the jungle and the interaction helps you learn a lot of the mysteries. Also collect some jungle herbs from them as they can cure many incurable diseases. Overnight is at the resort.
Day 9 - Ranthambore - Fatehpur Sikri – Agra (265 kms)
Morning we drive you to Fatehpur Sikri – the City of Victory. We travel through small villages where you can see fields with sugarcane and mustard, in bright green and yellow. You might also get to sight peacocks on the way. Take pictures of these resplendent sights as we drive you to Fatehpur Sikri.. We arrive to Fatehpur Sikri by afternoon, and on arrival we take you to a restaurant for a sumptuous lunch. After the lunch we take you to the splendid fort of Fatehpur Sikri. The majasticity of the fort starts from its very gate known as the 'Buland Darwaza'. You need binoculars to bring to your sight this tall door. Watch out for the Rani's mahal that incredibly is larger than Akbar's Palace himself. Watch out for the various fountains, courtyards and mahals within the fort. Then continue drive toward Agra. On arrival, check in at Mansingh Palace that has Taj view. Overnight is at the resort.
Day 10 - Agra
Agra and Taj from BoatMorning we take you to Taj Mahal to get a morning view of Splendrous Taj. The very first sight of Taj leaves everyone dumbfounded. Watch this marvelous white marbled structure shining in the morning rays of the sun. Walk on the lovely courtyards of Taj where the fountains sprinkle water to add beauty to the majestic Taj. Walk on the white marble floors of Taj and to see the Yamuna tracing its path behind the white marvel Taj. Take photographs of the Taj wonder and try to decipher the methods that were employed to build this magnificent monument. Then return back to the hotel for breakfast. As you sit for the breakfast the images of Taj is surely going to dominate your mind. After the breakfast, we drive you to see the Red Fort of Agra. On arrival to the fort watch parrots flying above the fort. There may also be funny creatures like monkeys. This fort is splendid and resemblances the Red Fort of Delhi. This imposing fort has many beautiful mahals within it some of which are Jehangir Mahal, Khas Mahal, Musamman Burj, Diwani-i-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-i-Am and Moti Masjid. This fort is a beautiful combination of red stone and white marble. Once in side the fort, walk like an Emperor and never forget to sit on the Shah Jahan's bed from where a majestic view of Taj Mahal at a distance is visible. Then return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 11 - Agra
Morning after breakfast, we take you to Sikandra – the tomb of emperor Akbar. On the way, watch out the mingling of Urban and Rural culture in Agra where luxurious cars and bullock carts ply on the same road. On arrival to Sikandra, watch out for the last remains of Emperor Akbar. The Tomb is marvelously built and sets an imposing splendour. Take pictures of this marvel and then return back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch we take you to Sadar Bazaar – a famous bazaar of Agra. Pick some marvelous marble items from the bazaar and never forget to taste the Petas, as Agra is famous for its Petas. We then bring you to Taj Mahal. Hire a camel cart that takes you up to the precincts of the Handicrafts and Handlooms Centre, a govt run Emporium where you get to buy mini Taj and exclusive handicraft items. Then the camel cart takes you to the doors of Taj Mahal. Get the tickets and once again visit the Taj that now shines in the silver rays of the moon. Spend as much time as you wish in Taj Mahal and then return back to the hotel for overnight rest.
Day 12 - Agra – Delhi
Morning after a sumptuous breakfast, we drive you back to the Delhi. On arrival, we take you to a restaurant for lunch. After the lunch, we drive you to the International Airport of Delhi where you board the flight that takes you back home. Our services end with your departure.

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