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Shubhyatra >> Kerala Yatra >> Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls


Location : 90 km NE of Kochi
Famous As : A popular picnic spot with picturesque surroundings
Other Attractions : Medicinal herb garden, Moolika Vanitha Swasraya Samithi
Shop For : Herbs, wild honey, herbal soaps, bamboo wall hangings and hats

Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls - Call of The Gurgling Waters

Athirappally Waterfall Kerala
Athirappally Waterfalls - Kerala

Take Kerala tours in India to see the famous waterfalls of Kerala. A dehydrating journey after an ardous mountain climb unequivocally asks for a cooler touch, a change of frame that will revive the lost spirit in the heart of the traveller, inch by inch. A picturesque waterfall aptly serves the purpose for a vacationer, good if it is in God's own country. The waterfall attraction is a recurring motif in Athirappilly, echoing with the pulse of nature, creating those soothing sounds in the state's most relaxing and rejuvenating place, east of Chalakudy river in Trichur District of Kerala. This 80ft high famous waterfall of Kerala starts calmly from the high ranges, and crashes down through gorges overhung with trees, its white spray of water appears almost magical from the rocky road that swerves around the mountain. Make a few days of your holiday vacation memorable, by driving your way towards Athirappally, one of the best places in India to capture the real essense of the classical idea of "Picturesque"...not just calm and soothing, but something wild and natural.
Take great Waterfall tours of Kerala and enjoy the scenic blues among the greens and the ebrowns.

Free Fall With The Water

Enjoy Kerala vacations and see the great waterfalls of Kerala in India. Arecanut palms greet you on one side while the Chalakudy river gurgles perpetually on the other, as you walk through the beautifully landscaped road to Athirappally. As you reach to the end, you see the serene river winding at first, many people wading in its quite waters. Then it plunges down all of a sudden - into the 80 ft deep abyss - transforming into an extraordinary billow of bubbling bubbles. In summer, when the waterfall becomes a percolate, Athirappally slips back into the lazy rhythm, seldom reverberating with the calls of birds and animals. In winter or in the monsoons, the frame adjusts itself to the buzz of raucous holidaymakers, woken up in dark mornings for chilly bus rides to their favourite picnic spot. Try a memorable trek alongside the Chalakudy river, flowing placidly amidst the dark forests with many elephants, its aplomb broken only as it races down rocks to form a canopy of white froth at the falls. One can also see vendors busy selling jute hats and plastic flowers, and though pensive boards warn against drinking, there is the infrequent yet unmistakable trail of toddy as a jolly group passes by. You go to Athirappally, and you can find the presence of the great waterfall everywhere - as a painting dangling on the walls of a dimly lit eatery, at the doorway of a house converted into a hotel, and on buses along with all those "Tata..Good bye..Horn Please" stuff painted on its aft. Enjoy Kerala holidays to visit the famous waterfall of Kerala.

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Vazhachal Waterfall Kerala
Vazhachal Waterfalls - Kerala

Though not as spectacular as the Athirappally waterfalls, Vazhachal has its own charm that attracts many tourists from near and far. Perched high above in the the Sholayar forest ranges on the fringes of Kerala's famed rain forests, the waterfall truly provides a restful escape for those wanting to leave the hurried pace of city life behind. Visit the medicinal herb garden, near the waterfall, with plants having pharmacological properties that are said to cure arthritis, skin diseases and blood pressure. You can also enjoy idiappams, fish biryani and fish moilee at the canteen located inside the premises. Holidays in Kerala is incomplete until you see the famous waterfall attarctions of Kerala.

Tourists can also pick up packets of wild honey, sold at the road side stalls off the road to Athirappally Falls. Around the falls, you will find vendors selling bamboo wall hangings and hats. Buy a few of these hand made articles for your near and dear ones, en route to the old Indian belief that one should not return empty handed from a waterfall. Don't forget to visit the Moolika Vanitha Swasraya Samithi, next to the Vazhachal waterfalls and you can get exquisite samples of herbs, honey and herbal soaps at an economical price. Take up Kerala trip to see the great and famous waterfalls in Kerala India.

Drive Your Way

One can visit the waterfalls only between 8 am and 6 pm. Consumption of alcohol, smoking and swimming is strictly prohibited. These are plastic free zones and tourists shoud not engage themselves in giving food to animals. One can fly upto Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery, 55 km from Athirappally, and then drive on NH 47 till Chalakudy Junction and turn right onto the Athirappally road. Try to chalk out a holiday in September, just after the monsoons. The waterfalls will be in full force then. Till february is a good time to visit. For more tourist related information, you can contact the District Tourism Promotion Council, situated on Palace road at Thrissur.

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Top 5 Highlights of Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

Athirappally Waterfall

The Wild Fall of Water
Plan your holiday vacations in the periphery of the Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls and enjoy a close encounter with the nature. Walk along the Chalakudy river amidst bamboo grooves and arecanut plantations and see how the frame changes to a wilder side as you turn the page.

Feel The Drops On Your Body
Let Kerala's invigorating and great waterfalls at Athirappally cleanse you, with its pacifying waters that cascade down the high terrain. Let it refresh you. Rejuvenate you. Let it run down your body, and wash away your stress. Let it gift you with a new life to enjoy.

Enjoy Life In Nature's Way
Pack a picnic basket and spend a romantic day beside the gurgling, whispering and laughing waters of the famous Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls. Go for a long walk hand-in-hand, undisturbed. Lie down on the most comfortable of grass beds.

Taste The Wild Honey
Buy a few packets of wild honey, taken fresh from the woods, and let nature drive down your palate in its smoothest form. Ask the locales and you can even see how honey is extracted from the comb.

Take Some Fun Along With You
Shop some of the best Malayali handicrafts - hats, bamboo wall hangings, wooden toys - from the serene stalls near the Athirappally waterfall. Taste the delicious fish moilee in the nearby food hamlets. Get some herbs and oils, said to cure many day-to-day ailments.

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