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The Cuisine : Simple, spicy and memorable
Famous Delicacies : Puttu, Iddli, Vallepam, Karimeen
Most Exotic Dish : Payasam
Munching Delight : Achappam' (rose cookies), 'Ethekka appam' (banana fritters)

Taste of Kerala - Where Cooking Is Not Only An Art, But A Religion

The yummy Kerala cuisines have their own flavor that make them unique among others. The delicious Kerala food will surely tempt your tongue leaving you wanting for more. The famous Kerala dishes include a long list on menu consisting of Idli,Sambhar,Vada and lot more.

A Complete Kerala Thali
A Kerala Sadhya

Best Dishes : Meen Moilee, Mutton Biryani, Theeyal, Duck Roast with Malabar Porotta, Chilly Fried Crabs, Lacy Idiappam, Crisp Meen Prichathu, Appam with Mena Curry, Fresh Toddy, Parpu Kari, Kuttanad Fish Curry, Chemmeen Coconut Fry, Fish Korma, Chamundi Dish.
Cuisine Exotica : Puttu, Vattayappam, Kallappam, Idiappam.
Non Veg Dishes : Fishes like Pomfret, Sardines, snapper, crustaceans, Karimeen, Egg and Poultry, Mutton, Beef and Pork.
Veg Dishes : Mix Vegetable Avial, Stew with Coconut Milk, Cheena Molagu (local Cuisine), Puzhukku- Root Vegetables.
Feasts for all Occasions : Sadyavattams, Aviyal, Olan, Kootu Curry, Puli-inji, Kaalam, Koova.
Famous Drinks : Drinks - Kattan Kapi, Black Coffee, Chooku-Kapi (Dried Ginger Brew).
Not To Be Missed : Dishes like Crisp Appam, Parakka Kerdatam, Parippu Vada with Cocunut Chutney, Vada Sambhar.
Frying Spree : Alathur Chips, Nendrankai, Chakkara Varattina Varuval – (Thick Chip cut in Halves or Quarters), Jackfruit (Chakka) Chips.
Mouth Fresheners: Murukkan (Betel Leaves and Nuts), Chewing Tobacco.
Festival Dishes : Sambar/Kuzhambu Varieties, Rasam Varieties, Kootu/Curry Varieties, Payasam Varieties, Keerai Varieties, Podi Varieties, Rice Delights.
Sweet Dishes : Mango Pachadi, Kheema Pulao, Payasam, Sweet Sauce, Milk Rice, Coconut Rice, Vermicelli sweetened with Jaggery, Avalose.
Traditions of Central Kerala : Erachi Olathiyathu (Fried Mutton, beef or Pork), Meen Mullgattathu ( red fish Curry), Meen Pollichathu ( Fish Roasted in plaintain leaf), Prawn Mappas, Peera Pattichattu (fish dish with grated Coconut), Ducjk Roast and Kozhi Piralen ( a fried Chicken).
Grand Fiest with Sadya : Sadya is Traditional Big Feast. An improperly laid Ela (plantain Leaf) is an indicator. The leaf is laden with Lime Curry, Mango Pickle, Puli-Inji, Lime Pickle. Remaining area is studded with Thoran, Vegetable Strew or Olan, Avail ( thick Mixture of Vegetables), Pachadi (Raw Mango and Curd Mixture), Elisseri (Vegetable like Pumpkin or Green Banana). Rice served at the bottom and Rasam( Fiery Pepper Soup) is served throughout the course of the meal.

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Try to explain a moron how a sweet tastes like or what is the exact flavour of a spicy delicacy. It is challenging, isn't it? The thing about a palate is that everyone has it, but only a few understand its merit and still a less know what to do with it. It is like being an apprentice in photography. You have inordinate cameras but don't know how to use them, and once you know how, you only listen to your heart. The best thing about famous Kerala cuisine is that, its delicacies, in general, revolve around discoveries, aromas and colours. Malayali food has indeed attracted a great deal of attention of the world because of its culinary specialty to carefully blend different spices and yield the subtle variation in the flavours. For centuries, travellers from all over the world arrived to the coast of Kerala - the Greeks, the Arabs, the Romans, the Jews and later Vasco da Gama, the Europeans... Given the various foreign influences, it is not incredible to think that the Malayali cuisine is a culinary crossbreed, an impeccable fusion of many cultures and palates. Enjoy Kerala tours to savor the cuisine of Kerala.

Spice Up Your Life

There is no doubt that Kerala has several culinary traditions, both region and religion specific, but there are two things that gives Kerala cuisine an edge over others; its repertoire and undoubtedly coconut. A great emphasis is laid on the ingredients used, the vessels it is cooked in and bizarrely, the nature of fire used. The beauty of the Malayali food is that, it offers a true taste of nature, a perfect amalgamation of the real with the imagined. And so, it is about rice, flavoured by the soil it has grown in, seasonal vegetables carrying morning dew on their skin, fresh from the garden, fish straight from the backwaters, spice that bears within, the fiery heat of the sun... It is about countless flavours - coconut oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, tamarind paste, asafoetida and chillies - each one of which rejoice a special place in the Malayali's palate. One will be surprised to know in how many forms a Malayali consumes coconut - as a thickener, as a paste to add flavour, as a garnish in curries and soups and finally as an oil to be partaken. Come to Kerala to enjoy the famous food of Kerala India that is famous all over the world.

Puttu & Meen Kozhambu
Puttu & Meen Kozhambu

La Prima To Feast Upon

Before enjoying your day trip in your own way, don't forget to stuff yourself with several mouth-watering delicacies of Kerala, usually made from ground rice and pulses that are steamed or fried in different ways. Order for a typical Malayali breakfast which may include cylindrical 'puttu' (steamed rice with coconut), 'iddli' (steamed cake of rice and black gram), and sambar (vegetable curry) accompanied by puffy Kerala rice eaten with one's fingers. One can also enjoy "Vallepam", a frilly, lacy-edged pancake made from fermented rice paste, cooked in a curved pan and served with stew or coconut milk. Also called hoppers, 'Vallepam' is also made with egg and meat curry, and provides a completely different experience for your buds. You can also go for crepe-like South-Indian noodles, 'idiappam' or the cake-like, round spongy 'vattayappam' - all of them cooked with easily digestible, crushed rice grains, a perfect break from your overnight fast. The best way to bask the food in Kerala is by trying festival cuisine of Kerala.

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The Thirst Quenchers

If planning to holiday in KErala then do not miss the mouth watering delicacies of Kerala. While chatting about Kerala, the first thing that comes to mind is the green fruit of this greener state. Get a raw coconut and taste the freshness of life with its refreshing and nutritious syrupy water. Besides, Malayalis also have other means to cheer up their evenings. It toddy and arrack constitute their hard drinks, the soft ones include the spiced up buttermilk. Lime leaves and crushed ginger are teased to add colour to the romance. One sip and you will be ported directly to the depths of a subterranean ocean. Many crouched hills of Kerala are carpeted with lush green tea gardens, from where those 'two leaves and a bud' transcends directly to one's cup. Don't forget to take a sip of the ginger-brewed black tea, a speciality of the middle class Malayali and a favoured drink for the reat of the world. Take a trip to Kerala to enjoy the popular festival cuisine of the state.

Addicted To 'Meen'

While you cruise through the long coastline and many inland waterways of Kerala, you can't resist yourself to taste some (or all) delicacies of this fish-addicted state. Fishes ar ethe prime food of Kerala. Even though the same ingredients are added, each colony within Kerala has its own unique way of garnering them to cook dishes that are strikingly different from one another. Taste a few of those dried, but delicious preparations of sole, shark, crab, oyster and eel. Don't forget to ask for the most prized fish preparation, "Fish Moilee" (fish curry) of the celebrated 'karimeen' or the brackish fresh water fish, sold at every waterfront location. If you have traveller's luck, you can even get the opportunity to taste the Moplah biryani, actually worthy of a praise. Don't get overwhelmed to see the plump grains of rice lie supine and separate with the content of having had their fill with spices and meat juices, topped with brown swirls of fried onion and raisins and chaperoned with a date chutney, a raita and puffed golden papadums. Unfortunately, the taste can't be expressed in words. Enjoy cuisine tours of KErala and sacor the cuisine of Kerala.

Palaharam Kazhikkanulla Samayam - Its Time For Some Hot Tidbits

God's own country is a huge hub of bananas and probably this yellow love of nature is second most popular fruit after coconut. Ask any Malayali and he will tell you the best banana chips are to be found only in Alathur, or only on that road going past Vadakkanthara. Banana chips bought in Kerala are fried in coconut oil which gives them their distinctive taste. Don't forget to taste a handful of those 'nendrankai' chips that are subtly sweet and have a slightly charred taste. Travellers can also go for jackfruit (chakka) chips, which are a seasonal speciality, sold generally from January to June with an indefinable taste - not salty, not sweet but apparantly good to eat. If you find someone from the Christian community, don't sacrifice a visit to their place for some trivial reason. Enjoy platefulls of mouth-watering 'achappam' (rose cookies), 'kuzhalappam' (a cylindrical crisp cookie) or ubiquitous 'ethekka appam' (banana fritters) during tea-time.

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Top 5 Highlights of Kerala Cuisine

Cuisine - Kerala

Spiceland of The East
Welcome to the magical land of flavours, where there is always a condiment to spice up your life, a land where spices express emotions. Plan a holiday trip to Kerala and savour the taste of nature in form of cuisine of Kerala.

Experience A 'Sadhya'
Relax yourself on the floor, roll your sleeves up and get, set, go on this multi-course feast of rice, 12-15 vegetarian dishes, spicy pickles, crunchy banana chips, crispy pappadams and finally payasam, the desert. Served on a green banana leaf, the meal is relished with the fingers. The options of famous food in Kearala is ceaseless.

Smell The Aroma of India
Kerala is known as the Spice Coast of India. Take home a treasure chest full of exotic spices and fascinate your guests with the out-of-the-world aroma of your prepared dishes. These are also available in special gift pouches.

Wake Up Your Mornings With A Fine Tea
Take a walk through the lush green carpeted hills of Kerala and relish the ubiquitous aroma of strong tea, everywhere around you. Visit the factories, over a hundred years old, and here you can taste and pick up the finest tea in the country. But the best time to enjoy Kerala food id by enjoying the festival cuisine of Kerala.

Taste Payasam - The Magic of Milk
When you are on a holiday vacation to Kerala, don't forget to taste the 'Payasam', a rich milk delicacy made with vermicelli, gram or rice. The most versatile dessert of Kerala, 'Payasam' is cooked in scores of flavours and finally garnished with fried raisins and nuts before serving - an unforgettable delight for the palate.

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