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Location : On the hills of Western Ghats in South Indian State of Kerala
The Flora : Tropical Rain Forests
Major Attaction : Elephants, Tigers, Nilgiri Tahr
Best Time To Visit : After the monsoons (July-October)

Wildlife Safaris In Kerala - An Spine-chilling Endeavour To Know The Jungle

Elephant Safari - Kerala
Elephant Safari - Kerala

Wildlife Safaris : Elephant Safari, Tiger Safari, Horse Safari, Boat Cruise on Periyar.
Safari Attractions : Bird Watching, Fishing, Racing Oxen., Bathe in Waterfalls, See Wildlife from a Boat, Bamboo Rafting, Meeting with Jungle Tribes.
Don't Miss : Camping in Forest and Spending Nights with a Bonfire.
Inside Tip : Avoid using Strong Fragrances like Perfumes, Deodorants while on Jungle Safari.
Listen to your Guides.
Don't go out of Safari.
What to Eat : Taste Jungle Berries, Forest Fruits and Cereals exclusively found in Forests.
Staying Options : Camps, Houseboats, Forest Resorts.

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"We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them.
We say we love trees, yet we cut them down.
And people still wonder why some are afraid,
when told they are loved."

- Anonymous

Hidden away in the heights of the Nilgiris, Kerala provides a vibrant fiesta both for the soul and sight. It is the land where the sky gathers its clouds to water the zillion shades of green, where the winds carries the invigorating fragrance of the first drops of rain and the herons fight to catch that first drop in their mouth. Welcome to the magical land of Kerala and rediscover life - at its wildest - in the green landscapes laden with ripe yellow mangoes that taste of summer and the hundreds of oblivious creatures that rule the terrain. Experience the unforgettable magic of seeing an elephant uprooting a tuft of grass while flapping its ears or listening to a tiger roar that puts everyone on feet or simply watching a band of langurs scaling the heights of evergreen forests - all through a spine-chilling jungle safari of Kerala.

A Romantic Cruise of The Wilds

If you are bored with colourful walls of your sweet home, now it is time for some adrenaline gush. Pack your bags, put your hunting boots and come over to the leaf-shaped land of Kerala, where you can get million reasons to explore and one more reason everytime to appreciate the beauty of the land. If one is more keen in combing denser areas of the evergreen forests and capture for some vicious creatures in one's cam, then elephant safari is the best option to go for. It is delight to see barely month-old baby deer frolic around, occassionally being bullied by the big daddy of the group. Riding a pachyderm gives you an extra privilege to explore the darker secrets from a height.

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The wolves are far more easily sighted, if you are on a jeep safari. Look at those glowing yellow eyes - reflecting the same charge as the car lights - and you have to respect the sheer sense of power and magnetism that the animal exudes. You can get a forest department jeep, preferably a 4x4 vehicle for a trivial price and don't forget to hire an armed guard, among other things, to make sure you find your way back. Believe it or not, but the trick to getting the most out of the reserves, is distancing yourself from the madding crowd of herbivores and being satisfied just breathing tiger air, or sometimes its pug marks on mushy domains. The most hilarious part is that, everything looks like a tiger, when you are desperate to see one during a jungle safari. If lucky one can also catch a glimpse of a tigress (who are generally shy and do not expose themselves in front of strangers) catwalking on the sliver of wet land around the lakes - close enough to see her whiskers quiver, the slapping of her flat pink tongue against the water - and vanishing in the bushes before anyone can even blink.

In reserves, that have a lake to boast about, the best chances of viewing wildlife is by a boat ride. The reservoirs generally have many creeks, promontories and small islets, serving as habitats for wildlife. Get a boat of the forest department or KTDC and enjoy a memorable cruise on the shimmering waters of the emarald lakes. Wildlife sightings, especially that of herds of elephants, are quite frequent during the boat ride.

Nilgiri Tahr - Kerala
Nilgiri Tahr - Kerala

Prepare Yourself For A Matchless Wild Adventure

A holiday vacation tour to the interiors of the wilds is a bewitching excitement, a visit that will carve a distinct space in your memories. Enjoy your vacations in Kerala, which is a easy state to discover because of the strategic network of roads and rail connections, which makes travel relatively simple. Discover the pleasures of living in a hunting cottage, an accommodation that will provide you with all the pleasures of a jungle while still overwhelming you with modern gadgets to bank upon. Stuff your bags with light-colored clothes, mosquito repellents and bottles of water before you plan a holiday tour to the dark interiors of Kerala, because at any cost you cannot miss the jungle safari and its impeccable pleasures.

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Top 5 Highlights of Wildlife Safaris In Kerala

Wildlife Safari In Kerala

Welcome To The Jungle
Plan a holiday trip to the dark interiors of Kerala, nestling on the laps of Western Ghats and the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) and explore the darker sides of this untouched patched of land, surviving far from the touch of modernisation.

Follow The Steps of The Jungle King
Join the Thekkady tiger trail - a real adventure trek into the dense forests of Periyar with expert guides. Cook in the jungle. Sleep in tents. Wake up to the sounds of the wilderness. Try and spot a tiger.

On An Elephant's Back
At the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, you, along with your loved ones, can enjoy the scenic beauty while riding majestically on an elephant. The mahout will guide you on your enchanting journey.

Say Hello To The Nilgiri Tahr
Half of the world populaton of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr dwells in the the greens of Eravikulam National park. Friendly as they are, pat them on the back or pose with them for a beautiful picture.

Under The Falling Waters
Nowhere else will you find water so play ful, so pure. Travel to Kerala and see how the pacifying waters cascade down the mountains of Kerala, gurgling, whispering, laughing and cleansing everything that comes in their way. Refresh yourself with a magnificent splash.

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Kathakali Dancer ,  Kerala Get into an exhilarating ride on Kerala backwaters blended perfectly with the adventure of Periyar jungles for a thrill-pack holiday.
Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights
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» Southern Splendours

Meenakshi Temple , Madurai , TamilnaduGet an out of the world experience in Tamil Nadu, the land of ornately sculptured temples and rich culture, and Kerala, where swaying palm trees take you to a dreamland of snake boats.
Duration: 15 Days / 14 Nights
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» Unforgettable South & Beaches

Goa - BeachesLive life at Goa beaches, chase your dreams in the temples of Tamil Nadu and lose yourself in the spine-chilling jungles of Kerala with the unforgettable South tour.
Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
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