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Choki Dhani

Location : 18 km, at Jaipur Tank Highway
Famous As : Ethnic Village Resort
Also Known For : 5 Star Hotel
Highlights : Henna Applying on Palms and Feet, Hindola Ride (Manual Joint Wheel), Bullock Cart Ride, Tonga Ride
Traditional Dance at Choki Dhani
Traditional Dance at Choki Dhani

Entertainment : Rural Folk Dances - Kalbeli, Bhopa Bhopi, Puppet Shows, Eelphant and Camel Rides, Wooden Giant Wheel.
Must Enjoy : Rajasthani Cuisine at the ethnic Dining Hall, served in a Traditional Way.
Delicacies At Village : Pani Puri, Hot Masala (spice) Tea, Hot Condensed Milk, Fried Snacks.
Hotel Accommodation : 31 Village Huts, 34 Executive Huts.
Hotel Facilities : Bindola Dinning Hall, Mandani Conference Hall, Kund Swimming Pool, Recreational Room, Restaurant and Bar.
Village Hotel Cuisine : Rajasthani Food, Mughal, Continental and Chinese Cuisines, Private and Cocktail Parties.
Special Features : 24 hour Room Service, Secretarial Service, Laundry, 24 hour Fax / Telex, Currency Exchange, Doctor on Call, Car Parking, Travel Assistance, Car Hire Service.
Getting Around : Ganesh Temple, Sargahsulli Shopping Arcade, Village Huts.
Getting There : 12 Miles, Tonk Road, Via-Vatika, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
Airport : 5 km
Railway Station : 18 km
Bus Station : 18 km
Inside Tip : Abide by the culture of the Village Resort while Staying in the Huts of the Resort.

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Holiday at Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur

It is always difficult to spot a typical village till one is actually upon it. But circumstances are not always friendly and tourists often miss a memorable visit to the enticing interiors of the state. Here is when the Rajasthan government comes in to spotlight. Clinching the same arcadian looks, it has created a hangout that still nurtures the age-old culture and traditions of Rajasthan, while efficiently catering to almost every needs of an international traveller. The 'Chokhi Dhani' village resort, the Disneyland of Jaipur, is essentially a showcase of the performing arts of the regions, sprawled over the stretching sands of this desert state. The ambiance is so mesmerizing that it is quite possible for a traveller to spend an unscheduled day at Jaipur to have another evening at the Chokhi Dhani. Enjoy the famous attractions of Chokhi Dhani during your holiday trip and get to know the unexplored, darker, yet colourful side of Rajasthan.

Smells Like Suburb Spirit - Chaoki Dhani Attractions

Making a holiday at Choki Dani is a great idea, practically everything about this artificially created village, surprise its visitors. Chokhi Dhani village resort offers you a rich extravaganza from ancient to modem, from reserved to raucous and from significant to just plain silly. Enter the campus and walk along the village bazaars organized imitating the original ones in the interiors. The mud-ways wind through the clustered stalls - contributing in their own way- like a petrified snake, trying to escape but going nowhere. Reach for those mud houses with thatched roofs, walls and floor layered with clay and cow-dung, striving to make a visibility through the dim light of ignited oil lamps, but still throwing enough light to illuminate those beautiful folk paintngs hung inside. Sprinkle a glance at those beautiful village women in bright coloured swirling 'ghagras', their heads covered with silver thread bordered white scarves (odhni) - adorned with mirrors, beads and shells - wander aimlessly, giggling and leaning on one another's shoulders. Tall men with saffron coloured turbans (safa), and long sherwanis display a wide array of interests, fostering every psychology. So vibrant, so vivid!

Chokhi Dhani Bonanza - Indulge in Merry Activities

Traditional Rajasthani Dance at Choki Dhani
Traditional Rajasthani Dance at Choki Dhani

Put aside any notions of peace and quiet, and let your hair down into the thick of it. See the golden puffs put aside, fresh and hot from a pot of bubbling oil, carefully stacked into piles. Put one in your mouth and bite down. Instantly the frail crust gives way, flooding the mouth with cool, coriander-flavoured water spiked with chilli. This is great fun, like popping edible balloons. The witty little golgappas or pani pooris, created with a subtle sense of humour, are a memorable snack for every visitor. Now move ahead to the next stall. Ok, it has got a woman with glass bangles covering the entire arm. Looking beautiful, isn't she? And the charm is that she is there to share her beauty, with hands adorned with the lovely red hue of mehendi (henna). Get your hands coloured with popular traditional mehendi designs such as the peacock, the national bird of India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with a up-risen trunk - a symbol of good luck. It usually takes around six hours for the mehendi to set properly, and so take care of your hands. Get some of those multi-coloured jingle jangle glass bangles, dangling from the side stalls to match your eyes, dress, shoes or taste. Men can pick some of those embroidered shoes displayed in the stalls at the corner. Locally known as 'jootis', these footwears are an intricate part of Indian marriages, add grandeur to any personality when carried with vibrantly coloured 'sherwanis'. Look at the utensils been placed in a simple structure set around an open courtyard. The pot to store water in, utensils to cook and serve in, spoons, rolling pins, a huge vessel in which buttermilk was churned, each objects is beautifully conceived and different in its own way. There is so much to do and so little time. The open ground is decorated with raised dance stages at every distance with some or the other event-taking place. Set your eyes on the dancing puppets presenting a glorious scene from the romantic tales of Rajput regime.

Enjoy the ride in one of those giant wheels, still hand driven, or take a glass of thick buttermilk (whipped yogurt), sweetened or with salt while taking a back to enjoy the gala performances by the local folk musicians, sprinkling melodies in the air. These dance performances are the prime attraction of Chowki Dani village night, see Rajasthani ladies adorned to their fullest in the most charming attires and jewellery, dancing to their men folk tunes.

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Eating Options in Chowki Dhani - Hall of Heartfull Appetite

The most awe-inspiring part of the Chowki Dani tour is the visit to the dining hall, al fresco, a real show of the archaic tradition of 'atithi devo bhavo'. A hall of cordial ambiance, this eating joint fills the stomach as well as the soul, upto the brim with their endless course delicacies. Wash your hands with the warm water provided. An interesting manifestation indeed, voluminous earthen pots kept over burning charcoal, providing enough heat to warm the air with conviviality. Rub hands on the silky fabric provided and don't forget to thank the ambassador. But one can forget the proscribed diet charts for a day and jump into the sea of butter drowned bonne bouche, a romantic dinner under oil lit lamps. Enjoy the ' dal-bati-churma' preparation along with the mouth watering chakki ra saag, which despite the name saag, has no veggies in it but whole wheat flour, kneaded into a spongy dough is fried and curried in yoghurt. Expect to receive warm reception that is overwhelming, the red turban butlers take care of your smallest needs without you uttering a word.

Winding Course With Sweet Delicacies - Desserts in Chowki Dhani

Dinner  at Choki Dhani
Dinner at Choki Dhani

In the end pop one in your mouth one of those soft and spongy, white balls and feel the sweet liquid surge down your throat. As a fun thing try saying 'Rasogolla' with a Rosogolla in your mouth. Also try the saporous sweet dish, 'ghewar', served hot, topped with a thick layer of unsweetened cream and garnished with rose petals. Believe it, the fine cookies are unbelievably tasty. Don't forget to top up a gregarious meal with a delicious Indian 'paan', famous for its taste and digestive properties and tailor-made on request with coconut powder, clove, sugar, camphor, gulkand (a sweet paste), and many other mouth freshening notes.

You will get up from your floor dinning with still your left plates brimmed with food and after eating this course, one can safely miss the next two meals! All this hospitality just demands your gracious smile and a token of gratitude indeed! Which is really not difficult to part.

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Travel to Chowki Dhani village resort, which is about 13 kms from Jaipur. Get a taxi or a private cab on hour basis, from the main city. One can stay at nearby hotels overnight and sum up the trip to Jaipur. However the best bet would be to stay in one of those rustic cottages erected by the Choki Dani Tourism. These mud-coloured thatched roofed pads of leisure are indeed an experience to feel. One can carry a camera, otherwise, Chokhi Dhani also has the provisions for photography inside.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Choki Dhani

Dance - Choki Dhani

The Village Disney
Travel to the famous Choki Dhani, if on a holiday trip to Rajasthan. Walk along the mud streets, amidst the bustling ambiance of the rural arena. Ride a ponny, colour your palms with henna and let your hair down with the colourful people wangering around.

The X-treme Frolic
Welcome to Chokhi Dhani village resort, near Jaipur in Rajasthan. One will be bewildered because there is so much to do and so little time. Get a glass of chilled lassi (buttermilk) and sit on the traditional hand made jute beds, to enjoy the grand dance performances (kalbeliya) by the snake charming communities.

The Dining Delight at Chokhi Dhani
Try the mouthwatering delicacies offered at Chokhi Dhani village, in Rajasthan. One can linger the memories even after completion of the holiday vacations, and that too, for just a gracious smile as a token of gratitude.

Joy Ride with the Desert Ship
Chokhi Dhani attraction also comprise the opportunity to ride the lifeline of Rajasthan. Get a joy ride on a camel's back with your loved ones, on the pristine sands recreated for your pleasure.

Whirl with the Wheels
A recent addition to the merryment is the hand driven giant wheel. Have a pleasure ride on the wheels, hand driven till today, and feel the butterflies moving inside your stomach with each swing.

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