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Location : About 160 km From Sikar in the Shekhawati region.
Popular For : Fort & Havelis
Other Attractions : Horse and Camel Safari
Best Time To Visit : September to April

Dundlod Old Haveli
Dundlod Old Haveli

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Dundlod - Rough, Petrified But Gorgeous

A holiday trip to Dundlod will give you a chance to explore the in-depths of Rajasthan, the untouched chapters of rural culture and tradition, the unsung melodies that the major destinations of this colourful state will never be able to tell you. You come here for camels, temples, fortresses and palaces, and the famous Horse safari and might have had enough memories by now. Now try to dive deep into the simple ambiance of colour and artistry, of royal and reality. The tiny village town of Dundlod in Rajsathan is like a bambino amidst biggies, is situated at 7 km north of Nawalgarh. Its lousy fort was built in 1750 by maharajah Keshari Singh, while further additions were made later, until late 19th century. Members of the wealthy Goenka merchant family also settled at Dundlod, their prosperity being endorsed by the richly painted mansions dotting the terrain. Present inside the contours of the Shekhawati region, this erstwhile village accounts for some exquisite frescoes that decorate the walls and the ceilings of the merchant mansions.

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Here Lies The Beauty

Take up Dundlod tourism in Rajasthan In India to see the Fort of Dundlod is a splendid example of the influence of Mughal architecture on Rajput artistry. Its motif of flowers and foliage, minarets, miniature paintings, sandalwood furniture, wall hangings of arms and shields, all have stood the test of time. A part of it has been converted into heritage hotel and one can enjoy a night over here, rejoicing with the royal ambiance still preserved in its walls. If you can rise early, you can see the first ray of the sun befalling over the fort, its ramparts shining with eternal bliss, before waking up with its mystique and charismatic charm. The nonvocal ripples of the sun-kissed sand dunes, which try to embrace the fort, enchant tourists and villagers alike. Step into the bygone era through the Suraj Pol (Sun Gate) and continue a nostalgic journey to the Diwan-i-Khas (Private Audience). Embellished with stained glass windows and Louis XIV antiques, this majestic alcove is a must see for every traveller.

Incredible Journey to see Various Facets of India

Walk in the south-east direction for around 5 minutes to visit the beautiful 'chhatri' (cenotaph) of Ram Dutt Goenka. The interiors of the dome depicts floral motifs in dominant colours of blue, red and yellow. Chuck a gaze towards the dome encircled by a frieze portraying Lord Krishna dancing with the gopis, interspersed with peacocks and musicians. Another must see mansion is the Jagathia Haveli, depicting beautiful European scenes on its walls. Look for the famous railway station scene - in one carriage, a man who appears to be passionately embracing his wife, reveals a completely different part of character (angry expression and beating the lady) when observed closely. These paintings are said to have secret messages painted in colours. See if you can decode one.

The Horse Mirage - Take Up a Horse Safari

Travel to Dundlod and if you is staying at the Dundlod Fort, ask the hotel authorities for a horse safari. The tour offers a in-depth vista of the interiors of Shekhawati which generally leaves an eternal impression on the minds of the travellers. It is also possible to hire a camel with an English-speaking guide to visit the havelis in and around Dundlod. Spend a day or two of your leisure time learning explicit equestrian skills (including polo) at the Royal Equestrian Polo Centre. Tourists can also visit the nearby Jhunjhunu district, where you can see the medieval fort of Mandawa gradually rising on the horizon like a desert mirage. Drive upto the erstwhile capital of Mughal Nawabs, Fatehpur, now a treasure trove of beautiful frescoes.

Get Ready To Explore

The best way to reach Dundlod village town in Rajasthan is to have a break at Nawalgarh. One can catch the Delhi-Shekhawati Express from Sarai Rohilla which takes around 8 hours to reach Nawalgarh. Get into one of those local buses that - frequently ply between Nawalgarh and Dundlod daily - will drop you for just a few rupees. There are even night buses to and from Jodhpur which takes around 9 hrs to reach the town.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Dundlod

camel fair - Dundlod

Touch The Rustic And Feel The Rural
Enjoy a tour to Dundlod in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and spend a memorable holiday exploring every aspect of a perfect rural life. Spend some time in the circular hamlets with thatched roofs and mud wallls, listening to the local legends directly from the villagers.

The Land of Beautiful Frescoes
The erstwhile village of Dundlod accounts for some exquisite frescoes that decorate the walls and the ceilings of the merchant mansions. Visit this unexplored patch of terrain in Rajasthan, and experience how paintings can sing the artistry of the craftsmen.

Dundlod Fort - Placard of Mughal Architecture
Take up Dundlod tourism in Rajasthan to see the Fort, a magnificent example of the influence of Mughal architecture on the art of Rajasthan. Spend your holiday nights at Dundlod fort, a part of which has been converted into luxurious heritage hotel.

Havelis - Fruits of Complexity
Travel to Dundlod in Rajasthan, to see the excellent craftsmanship employed to garnish personal residences of opulent tradesmen. The magnificent alcoves display a grand array of exquisitely carved pillars and beautifully decorated ceilings.

On A Camel's Back
Plan a holiday tour to Dundlod in India to savour the life-time experience of Camel safari or the famous Horse safari in Rajasthan in India. Get one of those innocent creatures and explore the virgin corners of this trivial town.

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