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Location : About 260 km from Udaipur
Renowned As : Jewel of Marwar, Blue City of Rajasthan
Major Attractions : Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Sangeet Natak Academy.
Shop For : Antique items, Handicrafts

Mehrangarh Fort , Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort , Jodhpur

To See : Umaid Bhawan Palace - Luxurious Heritage Palace Hotel, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Mandore, Kaylana Lake.
Don't Miss : The Mesmerising View of Jodhpur City from Tip of Meherangarh Fort where Cannons are Placed. Also go for a Quick Walk Though the armory Museum, Browse Through the Art Collection, and Visit the Mirror Room.
Getting Around : Jhalamand 12 km, Osian 66 km NW, Fort Chanwar - 40 minutes drive from Jodhpur, Sardar Samand 55 km SE, Kheechan 135 km NW.
To Shop : Old City, beyond Clock Tower Market - Excellent Deals on Silver, Fabrics and Antique Items.
Clock Tower- Embroidery Shoes, Mojaris, Lacquer- ware, Semi precious Stones.
Kapra Bazaar - Tie-dyed fabrics.
Lalji Handecrafts, Sun City and Rajasthan Art and Crafts House For Exclusive Handicrfts.
National Handlooms - Saries, Block Printed Textiles and Tie and Dye Fabrics.
Must Shop : Custom - Tailored Jodhpur Jacket and Pants from Ateliers of Rathore.
Go For a million Colour on Your choices Scarves and Stoles that can never be replicated by Tayab Khan a Renowned Dyer.
What To Do : Visit an Astrologer- If knee to foresee your future, a 20 minute session free of charge with Radhakishenji Ramdev is worth, known for his accurate prediction.
Go For Horse Ride- Master the art of balancing through the desert ride.
Getting There : Air : Jodhpur Domestic airport, 5 km. Flights from Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi and Mumbai.
Rail : Connected by rail with Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Abu Road, Mumbai via Ahmedabad.
Road : 5 hrs from Jaisalmer, 5 ½ hrs from Jaipur, 9 ½ hrs from Delhi.
Inside Tip : Wear colourful turbans of Jaisalmer to blend with locals, also wear camel leather shoes a real comfort while mounting the Mehrangarh Fort.
Important Distances : 253 km S of Bikaner, 280 km SE of Jaisalmer, 344 km SW of Jaipur, 600 km SW of Delhi.
Where to Eat : Mehran Terrace for enjoying Rajasthani Thali
Nirali Dhani for Traditional Rajasthani Cuisine and Ambiance.
Pillars- At Umaid Bhawan Palace offers fine dinning treat while you absorb the sunset behind the fort.
On the Rocks in Bhawan Palace Resort- Best known garden restaurant famous for Dal Makhni, Malai Tikka.
Must Experience : Stay at the royal Umaid Bhawan Palace converted to heritage palace hotel. In its golden-yellow hue with Marwar style architecture and royal interiors, is the largest residences in the world - a perfect ambience for a royal holidays.
Staying Options : Heritage Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace; Ajit Bhawan heritage hotel, Ratan Vilas Haveli.

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Jodhpur - The Blue City Of Mewar

Jodhpur India tourism will reveal to you a medieval city propelled through the layers of modernity, without burning its wings, into the 21st century, while nestling within the depths of the Thar desert. That is Jodhpur, one of the three sculpted cities of Rajasthan, opening its commercial heart for everyone who want to dive deep into the sea of Rajputana culture. Flanked on the western side by the Mehrangarh Fort and on the eastern side by the majestic sandstone palace of Umaid Bhawan, this 16th century capital of Rajput Rathors depicts a multi-faceted grandeur through its richly sculpted palaces and havelis, alluring lakes and lush gardens. Udaipur, the second largest city of the Rajasthan, not only serves as a gateway to the desert triangle, but also as the largest hub for production and export of traditional Rajasthani handicrafts. While the city may have changed its attributes (from martial to material), but Jodhpur still holds its charm, best reflected in its convivial and friendly outlook.

The Crinkled Pages of Jodhpur

Travel to Jodhpur to know more about Jodhpur's history which is evident in the hilltop citadel of Mehrangarh, from where the destiny of this blue city was written. Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, founded Jodhpur in 1459 and the city is named after him. Jodha's clan, the Rathores, had been driven west out of their original homeland at Kanauj (now in Uttar Pradesh) at the end of 12th century, by the Afghans. An arbitration lead to marriage between Rathore Siahaji and the sister of a local prince that helped the Rathores to establish and strengthen themselves in this region. Henceforth, the Rathores gradually displaced the local chieftains and established their capital at Jodhpur.

Attractions of The Blue Diamond

Umaid Bhawan Palace - The Palace of Pleasure
Plan a visit to the Umaid Bhawan Palace, also known as the Chittar Palace, a splendid blend of Renaissance framework and Rajput tradition. The largest private residence in the world, this grand palace is made up of hand-chiselled sandstone blocks that have been put together in a special system of interlocking without any binding mortar, serving as one of the major Jodhpur attractions. A part of the palace is now being converted into a heritage hotel while the rest is open to visitors in the form of a museum retaining the original furnishings and bygone aura.

The Ramparts of Rathores
Standing guard over Jodhpur, rising regally from the sheer basalt of a hill, the Mehrangarh Fort dominates the skyline of the entire Blue City. Built in 1459 AD by Maharajah Rao Jodha, Mehrangarh houses hansomely carved red sandstone palaces and intricately architectured temples. Pay a visit to the fort museum which displays many of the erstwhile regal weaponry, miniature paintings, armours, cradels and uncanny artifacts, like a tent captured from the Mughal army. Walk along the ramparts of the fort, located at 5 km from the city centre, and experience the panoramic vista of the Blue City it offers.

Posing on a lower slope, just half a kilometre away from the fort, is the Jaswant Thada, a royal memorial of the Rathore clan. Built in white marble, this imposing cenotaph was constructed in 1899 AD in commemoration of Maharajah Jaswant Singh II, and displays some fine examples of Rajasthani art. Jaswant Singh's irrigation schemes were quite successful in bringing smiles on the rugged faces of the locals. Perhaps that's why the people of this desert kingdom still offer flowers at his shrine.

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Unsung Attractions Splashed Around Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Take a trip to Jodhpur, the ancient capital of Marwar, Mandore (9 km) offers a group of enticing cenotaphs to the Rathore kings within the beautifully laid out gardens. The famous attractions of Jodhpur comprise a museum at the rear of the gardens, interesting for its old sandstone structure with some intricate carvings. Don't miss the extensive 'Hall of Heroes', which houses 16 gigantic figures of popular Hindu and folk deities, carved out of a single rock. The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm, throughout the week (except Fridays).

Sardar Government Museum
The museum is located inside the Umaid Gardens, the latter is open to the public free of charge. The archaic treasure alcove has an interesting crafts section, including curiosities like the rock-salt carvings, Murano glassware and miniature paintings in Marwar style. The museum is open from 10 am to 4:30 pm, throughout the week (except Fridays).

The Lake of Love
The Kaylana lake (11 km), was made by Jodhpur's beloved regent, Sir Pratap Singh, in 1872 and has now camouflaged into a popular picnic spot. One can enjoy boating on the shimmering waters of the artificial lake, a courtsey provided by RTDC.

Sangeet Natak Academy - An Arena of Rajasthani Art
The Sangeet Natak Academy, also known as the Folk Art Museum, is a must visit for lovers of music and theatre. The museum also boasts of a grand collection of traditional music instruments used in the region. One can see children playing instruments with their little hands, but creating heavy musical resonance out of those wooden and metal parts.

. Enjpoy a holiday vacation in Jodhpur to enjoy some of the major attractions of Rajasthan that forms an important part of Jodhpur tours.

A Tour To The Heart of Rajasthan

Tourists interested in village safari can take up Jodhpur tours and contact the Tourist Reception Centre, located at the Hotel Ghoomar complex on High court Road. The unit of the Rajasthan Government organises village safaris (Bishnoi Safaris) by motor transport on request. The memorable Jodhpur tour in Rajasthan covers many villages dotting the surrounding countryside, each with a distinct attraction of its own. Spot a few impalas or a group of proud black bucks at Gudda or Khejarli. Visit to villages of weavers (Salawas), potters (Singhasni) and dhurrie-makers. One can pick up hot and fresh items from these corners at a very reasonable price.

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Shopping Junctions

Rajasthan Village
Rajasthan Village

In recent years, Jodhpur has become an important centre for production and export of handicraft items, which account for around 2000 crore in a year. A popular base for antique shopping in India, Jodhpur attracts millions of tourists, from every pocket of the worlds, round the year. Shops at the base of the Chhattar Hill, provide a wide array of important and beautiful buys. Enjoy a holiday in Jodhpur which is famous for its tie-dyed fabrics (Kapra Bazaar), leather footwear (Mochi Bazaar and Jooti Corner) and silver jewelleries (Sarafa Bazaar). For carved wooden furniture, one can head to Pratap Nagar, where numerous craftsmen can be seen at work. However, if a tourist is short of time, to scour the many lanes of the old city, the State owned Rajasthan Art Emporium, or the area around the Circuit Road is a better option.

Dining Delight at Jodhpur

The best part of Jodhpur vacations is the chance to indulge in Jodhpur's dining domain that incline more towards snacks and cool drinks, though there are junctions where one can savour Rajasthani daal-baati-churma preparation and other vegetarian delicacies. 'Shahi samosa', 'mirchi vada' and 'makhana lassi' are quite famous among localites and is a must try for every visitor. The hangout choice for Jodhpur's gilded youth is On the Rocks, on Circuit House Road. Screened by a high stone wall from the main road, the restaurant is one of the greenest in the city and serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian delicacies. One can also visit the dining hal of the Umaid Bhawan Palace, but will be charged a few bucks just to get in. However, this amount is deductable from expenses incurred on eating and drinking in the hotel. Travellers are advised to visit Chimney, near Panchbati Circle on the airport road, famous for its village-like ambiance. This grand restaurant offers open-air seating on a mud-paved platform, under a thatched hut. In winter, the atmosphere warms with 'sigris' (wood/coal fired heater) kept by the tables. The restaurant primarily serves Indian and tandoori cuisines, heated using charcoal ovens. Spend your evenings in the sweet shops at the Sojati Gate. Jodhpur's speciality is the 'Mawa Kachori' dipped in sugary syrup. while on Jodhpur tours, try the 'laddoos' that are delectable.

News You Can Use

To take up Jodahpur India tourism, tourists can fly from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur, in direct flights of Indian Airlines and Jet Airways. A tri-weekly flight service has also been included by the Jagson Airlines, using its 17-seater Dornier aiecraft. The Jodhpur airport is just 5 km away from downtown. One can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw (both available on pre-paid basis) from the airport to get to the city.

Enjoy Jodhpur tours by taking the Western Railway's broad gauge network and is linked to almost all major destinations of the country. Jodhpur junction is around 2 km from the city centre and taxis and pre-paid auto-rickshaws are available to move to and fro the station.

To begin your Jodhpur India tourism take the National Highway no. 65, that connects Jodhpur to Haryana in the north and Gujrat in the south. The Blue City is situated at 602 km from the national capital, and is linked by a two-way road. Drive through NH 8 to reach Jaipur from Delhi, and then have a smooth drive on the two-way road, the route being Ajmer-Beawar-Bar, and then turn westward towards Jaitaran, to reach Jodhpur. Jodhpur has two bus stations; one at Rai ka Bagh, which is used by State Road Transport Corporation, while the other is at Bombay Motors' Circle on Residency Road. One can get into a deluxe coach run by Rajasthan SRTC, which leaves Jodhpur around 5 am, and Jaipur around 10 pm. Anyone intending to use the service should make the reservations in advance.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan - Jodhpur

Think Big, Live Big
The largest private residence in the world, the Umaid Bhawan palace is made up of hand-chiselled sandstone blocks that have been put together in a special system of interlocking without any binding mortar. Visit the palace and you will be amazed to see the intricate carvings embellishing the walls of the structure.

The Palace of Rathores
Take a Jodhour tour and pay a visit to the Jodhpur Fort and see how the ramparts still speak of the glory of the Marwars. Visit the famous attractions in fort museum which displays many of the erstwhile regal weaponry, miniature paintings, armours, cradels and uncanny artifacts, like a tent captured from the Mughal army.

A Tour Through The Villages
Travel to Jodhpur Register yourself for a village safari conducted by the Jodhpur Tourism Department, and covers many villages dotting the surrounding countryside, each with a distinct attraction of its own. Try to interact with the rustic folks and get to know their lifestyle.y.

Take A Stand Under The Cenotaphs
Take an excursion from Jodhpur to visit the ancient capital of Marwar, at Mandore. Walk around the stately cenotaphs dotting the region that create a magnificent sight. Don't miss the extensive 'Hall of Heroes', which houses 16 gigantic figures of popular Hindu and folk deities, carved out of a single rock. There are other attractions around Jodhpur as well.

Shop As You Like
Groom yourself with tie-and-dye fabrics, leather footwear and variant jewelleries displayed in numerous stalls of Jodhpur. Wear a chunni, tie a turban, put your feet in a 'jooti' and enjoy the new Rajasthani look.

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