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Location for Ceremony : Ghats and Temples
Ritual Ceremonies : Bathing Ritual, Puja, Removal of Hair
Famous Pilgrimages : Bharat Mata Temple, Vishwanath Temple, ISKON Temple
Religious Destinations : Mathura and Vrindawan, Varanasi, Allahabad and Sarnath

Ritual Performances - For Your Spirits

Aarti at Varanasi Ghats
Aarti at Varanasi Ghats

There are many regions to make a trip to this holy land of Uttar Pradesh, where you will find, with for every occasion there are separate rituals and ceremonies. From the ritual bath to Havana, Yagna and Puja there are various rituals which are performed by the individuals as well as in groups. These rituals are well associated with the fairs and festival. Every occasion has its own rituals performed by every one. On some special occasions sadhus ask the people to perform the Pujas or Havans (lightning of sacred fire) for their safety, prosperity, or simply to make their deities happy.

The state has a very important place in the religion of Hinduism. The temples and ghats situated on the banks of river Ganges are the main reason for thousands of devotees to make a visit every day and perform the rituals that are very specific to this place as it cannot be performed at any other place.

The most holy sites for performing rituals are Allahabad, Mathura, Vrindawan and Varanasi.

Ritual Bathing - Soul Purification Process

Holy Bath on the Ganges
Holy Bath on the Ganges

The most sacred and the basic ritual in Hinduism is taking the bath in the holy water of river Ganga and Yamuna. As it is compulsory for every Hindu to take a dip in Ganges once in a life time, many devotees travel to these ghats to wash away their sins in the holy water of Ganga. The most suitable time for this ritual is at the time of sunrise, at this time besides bathing devotees also offer prayers to the sun. Immediately after bathing prayers are offered to the one or more deities along the gifts which usually consists of the fruits and sweets. The temple priest give the food as Prashad to the devotes who visit the temple, it is blessings from the god. Plan a tour to the state of temples and ghats and wash away your sins in the holy water and you will achieve the spiritual Nirvana as well as the salvation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

The other important ritual of the Ganga ghats is Aarti. The aarti is a Hindu ritual, in which light from the wicks soaked in purified butter is offered to deities. This ritual is performed and sung to develop the sublime love for gods.

Havans - Praying For Prosperity And Good Luck


Thousands of people from across the globe throng these holy destinations to perform Yagnas (lightning of holy fire to get rid of all evils and ills). It is considered very auspicious among the Hindus to perform a Havan forthe prosperity and the good luck before starting of any new work. The Havan is performed only in the supervision of the priest who recites the mantra in front of the Havan- Kund (An iron box in which fire is lit). With the recitation of every mantra ghee (butter) is poured on the fire. Be apart of this Havan ceremony and listen the mantras in the sweet incense of sandalwood. It will be an amazing experience. Due provisions can be made for performing of Havan ceremony if told in advance, may be a day before to the priest.

Puja - A Silent Prayer

Every where in the state it is a common practice to offer the prayers to the Deities. Singing the songs of their greatness, reciting the holy scriptures and at the same time asking their help for betterment, protection and well being of the family is also a form of Puja. In Hinduism prayers can be offered to all the things with the religious significance, right from a small stone to huge mountains. You can experience this unique rituals every where in India right from the temples to trees but the holy ghats of the state give you a peculiar view. Mundan is a ceremony of removing the hair. The ritual is performed by the male members of the family to achieve the purity after any member in the family passes away and usually is done after bathing in the river Ganga. On the other occasion the hair of the child is removed in order to gain more intelligence and wisdom.

Buddhist Rituals

Buddhist Prayer Wheel
Buddhist Prayer Wheel

People from all over the world visit Uttar Pradesh to offer prayers to Lord Buddha at Sarnath and Kaushambi. Lord Buddha - the preacher of the Buddhism who enlightened the soul of whole world with his wisdom has made it clear that four things constitute the basic ritual among the Buddhists. Meditation, the mental concentration and mindfulness is the thumb rule followed by Mantras, the sacred sounds; Mudras, symbolic hand gestures and Prayer wheel, reciting mantras with the turn of the wheel. The other sect of Buddhists are of the opinion that only three components are required to perform the ritual: recitation, chanting and making of offerings. Come and share the platform with Buddhists you will personally feel that the Buddhist rituals really bring peace to the mind and soul.

Rituals to Be Experienced And Cherished

Take a holiday to Uttar Pradesh and perform the ritual ceremonies to attain ultimate path of wisdom. You will experience the rejuvenation of your body and soul by indulging into these spiritual codes of conduct. Some of the ceremonies are very special to the place and are not performed any where, therefore it is important that the ritual ceremonies should be performed on the exact time, date and with perquisite accessories to gain the ultimate blessings. You will be amazed to know that most of the rituals revolve round the Ganga ghats of these holy cities of Allahabad, Varanasi and temples of Ayudha-Vrindavan and the famous Buddhist Sites.

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Top 5 Highlights of Ritual Performances


Rituals With The Purpose
The rituals are the moments when the people are praying in front of the gods and it is the ideal moment to see the devotion of the devotees for their gods. Even when there are hundreds of rituals in Hinduism the purpose of all is same to surrender before the will of gods and asking for their help.

Purifying Souls
Join the thousands of people who visit the holy ghats of river Ganga to take the dip, because it is the only way to achieve Moksha. The holy water washes away all the sins of the devotees and hence reserves the seat of the pious people in the flower gardens of heaven.

Havan - The Mantra of Good Luck
Do you know that you can wish a good luck to any person by organizing a Havan for him. A simple ritual where a few people along the head priest recites the mantra and asks Gods help for the prosperity of work they are going to start. It is common among all the families Who want to start a new venture.

Ritual of Lights
Hospitality of Lucknow is so famous that there are many sayings attached to them. It is said that the Nawabs did not allow their guests to leave the dinning table until he did not ask for pardon. This trait is still common in Lucknow. Another the most common among - the train of two Nawabs was missed due to their over courteous behavior towards each other, no one was willing to bored the train first and kept saying 'First You Sir, First You Sir'.

For One And All
The most important point of these rituals is that it is not specific to any caste and creed all the people who want to perform these rituals can indulge into these holy ceremonies in the guidance of the holy men.

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