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District : Kannur
Location : 89 km N of Jasargod
Known As : Cannanore
Best Time to Visit : December to May during Theyyam Performances

Kannur - Let The Nature Heal You

Kannaur Beach nearby Bekal Fort - Kerala
Kannaur Beach - Kerala

To See : Fort St Angelo, Arakkal Kettu, Themyyams of the Kannur kavus, Shri Muthappan, Parassinikadavu, Valapattanam Backwatersm, Payyambalam Beach, Subramania Temple, Subramania Payyanur.
Most Famous For : Fort St Angelo, Arakkal Kettu, Payyambalam Beach.
Don't Miss : Valapattanam Backwaters along the Valapattanam River.
Must Experience : A Sea bath in the Payyambalam Beach.
Getting Around : Thalassery – 22 km, Shiva Temple, Thodikkalam – 24 km from Thalassery, Kottiyur Shiva Temple – 50 km from Thalassery.
Getting There : Air - Nearest Airport – Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode.
Rail - Kanur Station connected to Ernakulam and Trivadrum by Cannanore, Netravati and Parashuram Express Trains.
Road - Kannur connected to Kozhikode, Mangalore and Mumbai by N-H-17.
Inside Tip : Kannur is famous for its deadly Cobra snakes, so be cautious.
Important Distances : Kozhikode – 86 km, Kasargod – 89 km, Mangalore – 138 km, Bangalore - 307 km.
Where to Eat : Palmgrove – Malabar Biryani, Mascot Beach Resort – 32 Varieties of Dosa, Lakshmi Homestay – Continental and Chinese Cuisines.
Staying Options : Cliff Exotel International, Malabar Residency, Mascot Beach Resort, Costa Malabari, Royal Omar's, Kamala International, Palmgrove Tourist Home Resort.

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Nothing can prepare you for Kannur tourism in Kerala. Neither a thousand words nor a picture can capture its magnitude. For Kannur, it is not just the moment of truth, it is Truth itself. Truth that is nature, truth that is a way to cure. Yes, Kannur is a place which flaunts of a power to heal from the days of yore. History treads softly in this idyllic, quite town of Malabar, with its beautiful women, its lovely weaves and pristine beaches. Plan a visit to its villages and you can hear many hoary chronicles of the past that only nestle above the palm fringed streets of Kannur. It is a land that was identified as Naura in the famous 1st century Greek travelogue, 'The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea'. It is a land that once lent timber to King Solomon, and today we can see the great temple of Jerusalem. It is a place where you can feel an air of enceinte, a placard of 1000 year old tradition, that still pulsates in the hearts of the locales. It is here, that you can have the pleasure to meet 'Theyyam', a unique, ancient ritualistic folk art idiosyncratic to the North malabar region. A visit to this lovely part of Kerala proves an experience that exceeds the sum of its parts. And the best way to find out how, is to plan a holiday in Kannur. Enjoy holidays in Kannur in Kerala.

The Bygone Pages of Kannur

There is an unavoidable charm of the folktale that attracts the most. Ask the people of Kannur, and they will tell you many interesting tales that can be summarised to write a book on romance. Ask to tell them how a princess of a Hindu royal family was rescued from drowning by a gallant Muslim youth and Cupid struck. The raja, her father, acquiesced to the legendary determination of the Malayali woman, founded a separate royal line, called Arakkal. If you can plan to include the Minicoy Islands in your travel itinerary today, it is only because of the Ali Rajas, who seized sovereignity over the island from Maldives in the late 16th century.

The old name 'Cannanore' is the anglicised form of the Malayalam word Kannur . Though there are many beliefs about the origin of its name, the most prevelant one assumes that, 'Kannur' is a derivation from Kanathur, an ancient village, the name of which survives even today in one of the wards of Kannur Municipality. Another version endorses that Kannur might be a a compound of two words, which have assumed their roots from one of the deities of the Hindu pantheon, Kannan ( Lord Krishna ) and Ur (place) making it the 'Place of Lord Krishna'.

Spend Your Holiday Amidst The Unexplored Mysteries of Kannur

Enjoy Kerala tours to see the famous travel attractions on Kannur. Kannur is a place that will give you more than you have dreamt for Kerala. Here you can enjoy the sea in all its moods. Laughing, calling, dancing and rushing in high spirits. Walk along the streets of Kannur and you will know why Jawaharlal Nehru praised the city as the 'Garden of India'. Enjoy a solitary picnic opportunity with your loved ones at some spots, a few miles out of town. Or just sit alone and see the nature unveil its mysteries in dawn light. Enjoy vacations in Kannur, an important destrination in Kerala.

Yoga & Naturopathy - The Way They Heal

You can truly change the course of your vacation, by spending just a few weeks in the arms of Kannur. Remember yoga is immensely beneficial if learnt under qualified guidance but can do more harm than good if improperly taught. Get to know Rajyoga, a series of exercises meant to enhance mind control at the Parivrajakacarya Yoga Vedanta Mission, Sadanada puri, Thottada in Kannur. The science of breath 'Pranayama' deals with the control and regulation of Prana, the spirit that drives the mechanism of life. Rejuvenate yourself with various asanas, made to soothe both the body and the soul. The schedules are made according to seeker's interest. You can know yoga for as little as 3 hours or you can have a more complete yoga experience for a week or even more. Attend a dozen classes of naturopathy, and let the nature heal you. It will no doubt teach you how to sleep, breathe, bath, take food, relax and lead life in an ideal way. Don't forget to enjoy the mud-and-water-therapy at the Mahatma Nature Cure Centre, Court Road, Taliparamba. Set amidst lush green surroundings, the naturopathy centre is the last word in curing chronic ailments using nature as a tool. Yoga and naturopathy form one of the most popular activities of Kinnur in Kerala.

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The Must See Charms of The City

Visit Fort St Angelo, built by the Portguese, located just west of Burnassery Cantonment on the Lakshadweep Sea. Dramatically silhouetted against the sea, massive laterite blocks give this fort, a faintly menancing air, which can only be felt after a visit. Go over to the walls and you can enjoy a commanding view of the sea and of the Moplah Bay. You can even satiate the appetite of your camera with the magnificent sight of boats and small crafts, standing moored in the bay. Once the dwell of one thousand people, this archaic fort now enjoys the concern of the Archeological Survey of India. There are more tourist attractions in Kannur.

One must visit site for the tourists is the Shri Muthappan Temple at Parassinikadavu. Dedicated to the toddy and fried fish loving deity, Shri Muthappan, the stately temple nestles picturesquely on the banks of the Valapattanam River. Prefer to visit during the morning ablutions, because the place casts a very serene ambience, enough to ignite the flames of spirituality in your soul. Wake up early and don a sari, if you are a woman, or a 'mundu' if you are a man (no salwar-kameezs or trousers are allowed) and drive through the empty streets of Kannur to Parassinikadavu. Ask for a wish at the Rajarajeswara Temple, located at Taliparamba, 25 km north of Kannur on NH 17. Dating back to the 10th century, this ancient temple has a unique tradition that women are allowed to worship inside only after 8 pm, as it is said that Lord Shiva is with Parvati then, and therefore, will grant women their wishes.

After a hectic day in the city, spend your evening at the Payyambalam Beach, only 2 km from the downtown, is the biggest and hence the most adulated beach in this district. The massive sculpture of a mother with her child at the entrance together with its flat laterite cliffs jut into the sea create an impressive sight. Enjoy a brisk walk along the shoreline to reach a more secluded are where you can sit and watch the sun go down, setting a molten path upon the sea.

Theyyam Dance Performer
Theyyam Dance Performer

Theyyam - Performance of the Masked Men

If you are planning to visit Kannur, make up your mind to see the most dramatic and outstanding ancient dance form of north Kerala. The ritualistic folk art is believed to be a corruption of the Malayalam word 'daivam' meaning god. This is on e of the amin highlight of Kannur travel attractions. Performed every evening at the Snake Park at Parassinikadavu, the event affords impressive adds of dance, music, Kalaripayattu, and religious worship, usually dedicated to specific deities. It is also a reflection of the religious harmony prevelant in these parts, where some of the deities are Mappila Muslim heroes. One will be amazed to see bizarre head dresses, costumes and body painting together with trance like performances that is truly awe-inspiring. The distinguishing headgear and costumes are generally made of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark. It is fun to see men wearing suitable makeup and colourful costumes and performing female roles.

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Go There

At the very heart of Kannur, is the Muthappan Temple, beside the railway station. Just south is the DTPC office, located opposite the Mariamman Koil and the KSRTC bus stand on NH 17. Turn south on HQ Road and you're in Burnassery Cantonment, beyond which is St Angelo's Fort and the Mappila Bay. The Bus Stand, located opposite the Collector's office, is frequently to all major destinations of the state. You can disembark at the Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode, located at 114 km from the city centre. If you are planning to come from Delhi, catch the Mangla Lakshadweep Express. However, you can also catch the biweekly Trivandrum Rajdhani Express to reach the destination. The city is a 6-hr drive north of Kochi (309 km). Tourists can take NH 47 to Edapally, then drive on NH 17 to reach Kannur while taking breaks at Kodungalloor, Ponnani and Kozhikode.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kannur

Kannur Beach

A Holiday In The Land of Folktales
Plan a vacation trip to Kannur in Kerala and you will come across interesting legends that bind the society and its culture like nothing else. Sit by a bonfire and enjoy the fascinating tales of romance, chivalry and betrayal over a kullar (earthen cup) of hot tea. Kannur tourism in Kerala is the ebst way to enjoy important destinations of God's own country.

Visit The Fort of Yore
Take out some time from your planned holiday schedule to leave your footprints on the floors of St. Angelo fort, located in Kannur. Dramatically silhouetted against the sea, the massive laterite blocks - now a property of the Archeological Survey of India - give this fort, a faintly menancing air and the visitors a magnificent view of the sea and Moplah Bay.

Let The Nature Heal You
Rejuvenate yourself with various asanas, made to soothe both the body and the soul. Practice a couple of Pranayams and sleep, breathe, bath, take food, relax and lead life in an ideal way during the few days you stay at the Naturopathy Centre in Kannur. These are the famous travel attractions of Kannur.

Pleasure of Leisure
Plan a holiday trip to the Payyambalam Beach, situated at only 2 km from Kannur downtown and explore the fun in messing with Indian sands. Roll on, run around, build sand castles and leave footprints on the sea-kissed sands of Payyambalam beach. Vacations on the beach is the ultimate tourist attractions.

The Greens of The Jungles
Don't miss the opportunity to visit the deep, dark forests of Rajasthan. Complete your holiday itinerary with a visit at Ranthambhore, Sariska and Bharatpur. Ride an elephant, see the migratory birds fly, hear the tigers roar, and capture as many memorable moments with the wildlife as you can, in your cams.

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