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District : Kasargod
Location : 49 km from South of Mangalore, 93 km N of Kannur
Temperature : Between 27.5° C & 36.5° C
Best Time to Visit : During Winters

Kasargod - God's Own Canvas

Kasargod , Beach - Kerala
Kasargod Beach - Kerala

To See : Bekal Fort, Adoor, Ajanoor, Anandashram & Nityanandasraman, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Bela Church, Bellikoth, Chandragiri Fort.
Most Famous For : Bekal Fort, Siva Temple of Adoor, Madiyan Kulom Temple of Ajanoor.
Don't Miss : Ananthapura Lake Temple – the only Lake Temple of Kerala.
Must Experience : Valiyaparamba Backwaters.
Getting Around : Bekal – 16 kms from Kasaragod, Chandragiri Fort – 12 kms from Bekal, Ananthapuram Temple – 20 km, Ajanur – 5 kms from Kanhangad, Anandasram - 15 kms from Bekal.
Getting There : Air - Nearest Airport – Bajpe Airport, Mangalore connected to Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.
Rail - Kasargod Station well connected to Kozhikode by the Mangalore Mail and Parashuram Express.
Road - N-H –17 connects Mumbai and Kozhikode – 175 kms.
Inside Tip : Avoid visiting Kasargod during monsoons – a time of deluge, low visibility, slush roads and tracks.
Important Distances : Bekal - 156 km N of Kozhikode, 415 km SW of Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram - 5 km from Kumbla.
Where to Eat : Vasanth Vihar – idlis, dosas, vadas, appams, Viceroy Restaurant – Malabar Parottas, Seafood, Restaurant at Nalanda Resort – North Malabar Fare.
Staying Options : Mascot Hotel, The South Park, The Muthoot Plaza, Saj Luciya.

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Colourful and unforgettable. Serene and mesmerising. Unbelievable. Enticing. Wow! What else can you say? You have already ran off adjectives. Hereafter you will realise that it is better to enjoy the scenic beauty with your mouth closed. It is a quiet place of bloom; sea-kissed forts, wind-caressed palms and embracing beaches. In this mosaic - painted finely by God - grey rocks and red earth amidst dense vegetation as well as calm lagoons visible through the coconut palms along the coastal belt, makes for a truly colourful holiday. Man's emerald green rice fields together with women spinning coir in their rustic courtyards, only add to the bounteous contrasts. Welcome to the Land of Coir, where forts are the only videos you can see, where legends shower soliloquies in your ears.

Way Back To The Chapters of Glory

From time immemorial, Kasargod is famous for its strategic parity of finance and tradition. According to many Arab travellers, who visited the Malabar Coast between 9th and 14th AD, Kasargod (Harakwillia, as it was called by the Arabs) was a prime commercial centre of the Western Ghats. Mr.Barbose, the Portuguese traveller, who happened to visit Kumbla near Kasargod in 1514, had recorded that rice was exported to Male Island whence coir was chiefly imported. The rich pageant of Theyyam's (the ritualistic folk dance of northern Kerala) ditties and performances, raises Kasargod into a land of fabulous fantasies. It is said that the characters appearing in this majestic work of art, represent those who had helped king Kolathiri fight against the attack of the Vijayanagar empire. Whatever, iterated attacks on this virgin patch of land surely blended many different traditions to make Kasargod a melting pot of rich cultural heritage.

The Bekal Fort - Anchored In Stones of History And The Sands of Arabian Sea.

Bekal Fort Kasargod  - Kerala
Bekal Fort Kasargod - Kerala

Not too long ago, lofty forts made the sky above Kasargod, watching over the Arabian Sea. Today, the rectangular laterite stones stand in silent testimony to their past glory. The films shot on its ramparts prompted many a movie goer to be this fort's tourist. Yet, Bekal has a overwhelming history preceding history by centuries. Shaped like a giant keyhole, this red-laterite fort had always been a seat of power of the robust kings, until Tipu Sultan lost it to the East India Company. Wander along the moss-covered tall, thick walls of the fort and you can listen the euphony of silence. Ask the locals and they will tell you tales of secret passageways hidden within the fort, for armies to enter or regress, and of royal lovers finding refuge there. The fort once kept marauders at bay and now it keeps company with the ebullient waters of the Arabian Sea, as it used to do from its birth. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the horizon, over the sea from the ramparts.

Once on top, you can't resist yourself but messing up with the golden sands of the Bekal Fort Beach. The shallow beach surely has enough gifts to enthrall its visitors. Walk along the long coastline and collect as much shells as you want. Shells of all sizes, shapes and colours. Each one is a magic in its own way. Watch for the vast colonies of scurrying crabs, moving undauntly like a vast shawl of red. Visit the local 'petti kada' (tea stalls) and enjoy a glass of hot tea with a handful of home-made biscuits. They great really good.

Spin The Magic of Coir

As you will step on the moist sands of Kerala, you can feel the presence of Kasargod at every other turn. Women in colourful Kasargod sarees moving on the streets, old men resting on Kasargod's famous bamboo rocking chairs and exchanging their interests, children playing on 'payas' (mats). All these pleasures comes from an irresistible urge of producing the best - intricate craftsmenship and hearty labour - from nature's resources. Visit the villages of Kasargod (esp. Udayagiri on Madhur Road), and you can hear the sound of indefatigable wheels spinning the long latches of coir. Meet those men and women, for whom weaving is a way of life, a secret that has descended from generation to generation. Women generally indulge in making sarees - traditional cotton weaves, an impeccable blend of cotton and silk and pure silk blends. Get one of those beautifully embroidered silk sarees and put on yourself. Ah! it looks good on you. You can also buy funny arecanut leaf caps for your kids and other loved ones.

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Explore The Treasures of Kasargod

If you happen to be on a holiday trip to Kasargod, don't forget to visit the 17th century Chandragiri Fort, locatde at just 4 km from the Bekal Fort. The ramparts are all shawled with wild grass, but it seems to change colour with seasons. If you care to scramble up the steep laterite steps, you get a good view; dense forests of palm groves to one side, the serene Chandragiri to the other, and the Arabian Sea beyond. A mere 10 minute drive from Bekal Fort will take you to the pristine and solitary white sands of Kappil Beach, partially overrun by thick green creepers that have mauve flowers. Wander amidst the shallow grooves of casuarine trees and you wil be amazed to feel the silence around. There is no human around, but you, enjoying hand in hand, one of the best moments of life.

Overlooking a green swathe of land, shaded by swaying branches of various trees, the Malik Dinar Mosque is an amiable blend of spirituality and consciousness. Plan a visit during the Urs festival (September-October) and you will see how the whole ambiance reverberates with the sacredness of Malik Ibn Dinar, an ardent disciple of Prophet Mohammed who is believed to have propagated Islam in Kerala. If you are interested in meditation, remember to visit the Nityanandashram, located close to the Hosdurg Fort. The ashram is a series of 45 caves cut into the side of a hillock, the architecture in tune with the Somnath Temple in Gujrat. Sit on the serene corridors of the mansion and let your mind know your inner self. Preferably, plan a visit in the mornings or evenings, and you can see an intricate play of colours in the horizon.

Another interesting thing that truly entices every visitor is the tradition of Bhootha, a dance in which the artiste is said to be empowered by spirits. The dancer paints his face a bright yellow and perform unimaginable acrobats with music, drama and energy in one colourful spectacle.

Plan Your Holiday

Chandragiri Fort Kasargod  - Kerala
Chandragiri Fort Kasargod - Kerala

Kasargod, the district headquarters, is the base to access Bekal. You can disembark at the Bajpe Airport, Mangalore, and can catch a taxi to travel 69 km to reach Kasargod. The drive is a memorable one, for it passes beside the emerald waters of the Arabian Sea. Kasargod Station is well connected to Kozhikode by the Mangalore Mail and Parashuram Express. As you step out of the station, you will be enveloped by the loud voices of the local trasporters, offering you a trip to the Bekal Fort at a reasonable price. If you happen to plan a trip from Kozhikode, get a car and drive on NH 17 to Kasargod. One can break the journey at Quilandy, Thalassery and Kannur before reaching Kasargod for light refreshments.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Kasargod

Bekal Fort Kasargod

Paint Your Holiday on The Canvas of Nature
Plan a holiday vacation in the fascinating land of Kasargod. Spend your mornings beholding the attractions of the district and your evenings experiencing the same on the paved banks of Kerala backwaters.

Explore The Largest Fort of Kerala At Bekal
If you happen to be at Kasargod during your holiday vactions, remember to visit the Bekal Fort. The imposing laterite structure rising 130 ft above the sea level, stands on a 35-acre headland that runs straight into the Arabian Sea.

Pleasure of Coir Making
See nimble fingers at work as they spin water-thread coconut fibres into long ropes with a traditional hand-spindle in the suburbs of Kasargod. You can also shop at a number of roadside stalls for brightly coloured coir mats, wall hangings and carpets.

Wear A Kasargod Saree
Stun your friends in a Kerala saree - five metres of fine off-white cottom edged with golden 'zari' (embroidery) that lends an extraordinary elegance to the person wearing it. Each piece is specially woven on a traditional handloom.

Fun During Urs
Plan a vacation trip during the Urs festival (September-October) and you will see how the whole air of Kasargod pulsates with the sacredness of Malik Ibn Dinar, an ardent disciple of Prophet Mohammed who is believed to have propagated Islam in Kerala. Enjoy your evenings listening to the euphonic Qwalis, held in the mosque courtyard.

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