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District : Malappuram
Location : Poonani is 91 km SW of Kozhikode
Temperature : 22.0° C & 37.0° C
Best Time to Visit : November to February

Malappuram - An Unspeakable Promise of Discovery

Church -  Malappuram - Kerala
The Malabar Mission Society - Malappuram - Kerala

To See : Padinjarekkara Beach - Ponnani, Blue Yonder, Navamukunda Temple – Thirunavaya, Keraladeeshapuram Temple - Tanur, Thunchan Smarakam Memorial – Tirur, Garuda Temple – Triprangode, Sastha Temple – Chamravattom, Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple, Pazhayangadi Mosque – Kondotty.
Most Famous For : Padinjarekkara Beach – Ponnani, Keraladeeshapuram Temple – Tanur.
Don't Miss : Visit to Villages like Angadiram, Mankada and Pattikad.
Must Experience : A Boat Ride in the Seas at Poonami as it is the only Port in Malappuram District.
Getting Around : Nilambur, Manjeri, Malappuram, Thirunavaya, Tirur, Tanur, Tirurangadi, Perumpadappa, Poonami N- H - 17, Kadalundi Nagaram, Adyan Para – 10 kms from Nilambur.
Getting There : Air - Calicut Airport at Karippur - 36 km.
Rail - Tirur Railway Station -28 kms.
Road - N –H – 17 from Kozhikode.
Inside Tip : While Paying Visits to the Temples in Malappuram, Remove your Shoes as Hindus Belief that it Spoils the Sanctity of Temples.
Where to Eat : Albaik – Arabian Delicacies like Banana Muthabak and Keralite Cuisine, NC Garden Resort – Keralite Dishes, River Side Retreat – Fish Fry, Malabar Chicken Curry.
Staying Options : NC Gardens and Beach Resort, Hotel Navaratna, Riverside Retreat.

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Nestling at the edge of the Nilgiris and rinsed by the Arabian Sea, Malappuram is a place where you will love to spend some days of your holiday vacation. Not only because it is embellished with rich and evergreen forests, serene rivers and chanting creeks, proud hills and prostrate dales, but also because it is a land that is untouched by the hands of modernity, and hence, tourists. In many ways Malappuram is reassuringly committed to not changing, to a way of life that some would describe as dated or conservative. Albeit its neighbours have opened hearts and hearths to tourists who come looking for ayurvedic massages and backwaters, but Malappuram prefers to be enigmatic about its distinctive way of living. Down a narrow road that never seems to end, you might chance upon a small temple, a million legends drifting in the river next to it. In a 'kovilakam' that's all but falling apart, you will find a green pond filled with lotus flowers, hiding behind a dissipating roof. In a boat ride that costs only a few rupees, you can get the gift of time. In a small glass of hot tea from a dim-lighted stall, you can savour the taste of life. Taste the leaves of the nux-vomica tree which are not bitter, as is the norm. One could scarcely ask for anything more.

Rewinding Back To The Golden Era

The past of Malappuram, though short (but crispy), shines as a radiant jewel in the history of Kerala. It is a land of great poets and writers, political and religious leaders, who over the pages of time have carved a niche for this beautiful district. Once an eminent pad of the Zamorins, the land was later trespassed by the Portuguese, Mysore rulers and the Britishers. But like a perturbed mother shields her child in her bosom, Malappuram has always embraced her culture and tradition despite many invasions by the foreigners.

Rush Into The Attractions of The Town

Malappuram has a lot to offer to its heritage lovers, though many of the monuments, including mosques with unique architectural styles, are disintegrating because of neglect and age. Still, if you look closely, you will be able to enjoy glimpses of another time. There are places where you can blend yourself with the colourful culture of Kerala, much as there are places where you can let your feet drenched with the ebullient waters of the Arabian Sea. Mess With The Sun, Sands and Seagulls on The Beach

When you are in Malappuram for a vacation trip, don't miss the opportunity to mess with the sands of Padinjarekkara Beach in Ponnani. Located where the Bharatpuzha river meets the Arabian Sea, the pristine sands flaunt to be an erstwhile port on the Malabar Coast. Look at the fishermen darning their long blue nets, their catch drying in the sun. See how the hefty boats with names such as Zainuddin and Misriya, being pulled apart and put together again. You can also go for a pleasant boat ride in the Arabian Sea, save that you will simply sit, not knowing which lovely view to dwell upon. Look at the seagulls ride the waves with the boat, and fish, occassionally, leaping out of water, escaping inevitable death at the beaks of watchful birds by a mere whisker.

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Bow To Thy Sacred Shrine

Malabar Coat - Malappuram - Kerala
Malabar Coast - Malappuram - Kerala

The temples of Malappuram are indeed cradle of miracles, either obvious or apparent. Each of these religious sanctoriums are unique in their own respect. You should start your religious itinerary in Malappuram from the sacred Navamukundan Temple at Thirunavaya, located on the serene banks of the placidly flowing Bharatpuzha. Famed as the 'Varanasi of the South', this 6000-year-old temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The shrine's beauty lies not just in its serene picture-book setting, but also in the exquisite sculptures carved around the 'sreekovil'. Don't forget to look at the beautifully chiseled images of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, on the top row, just below the sloping roof. Step outside and you'll see a structure to the left of the gate. This is where Zamorin kings used to sit and watch 'Mamankam'. Ask the temple priest and he will tell you about the melancholic events of history, that happened because of a man who wanted to prove his ground. Listen how the bodies of the dead soldiers were thrown into a well and sometimes, when the corpses piled up to the top, the elephants were engaged to shove them inside. If possible, visit the well, now known as Mani Kinar, located in the premises of the CSI Hospital at Kodakkal on the Tirurkuttipuram Road.

Visit the coastal town of Tanur to see the temple that stands in the line that would have once split Kerala into two equal parts. Today the red-tiled Keraladeeshapuram Temple, believed to be around 3,000 years old, stands as a grand album of beautiful mural paintings. Take a right turn at Moolakkal Junction, close to the Janata Hospital, and drive for 2 km to reach the temple. Drive about 15 km off the Chamravattom Road, to reach the recondite shrine of Lord Ayyappa, where the deity stands on the same level as the river. The temple lies past vast stretches of paddy fields on the banks of Bharatpuzha, flowing like a fine piece of silk, its white sands making for a perfect if exquisite border.

Located just 5 km from Karipur Airport on the Kozhikode-Malappuram-Palakkad NH 213, the Pazhayangadi Mosque stands sentinel to the religious ethos of Islam. The mosque is embellished with a lovely white dome which presents a magnificent sight with the green palms trees nestled at a distance. Tracing back its origin to the 18th century, the mosque is unique because it seems to embody facts of the Mughal architecture style and brilliant filigree work in its premises.

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Dining Delicacy

It doesn't matter what else you eat in Malappuram, but don't forget to try the colourful and flavourful traditional Malabar Muslim cuisine of this land. Try 'Pathiri' (an appam-like delicacy made of rice powder) along with a specially prepared chicken curry, and you will linger the memory throughout your life. You can also go for apetitte-full and soul-full combo meals which will include 'Parotta' (fried layered bread), 'Naichoru' (Ghee rice), 'Meen' (fish) curry, beef fry and 'Kallumakaya' (mussels). Enjoy the betel mania with a sweet 'Lanka Paan', specially flavoured for connoisseurs of desserts.

Find Your Feet

Since the main attractions of Malappuram district are spread all across, therefore it is best to hire a taxi or take a private bus to get from one place to another. If you plan to cover many places in one day, it's advisable to hire a taxi. Do remember that this serene pad of Kerala, isn't used to much tourists, so act softly. At most temples, one is not allowed to wear pants, shirts, knee-length skirts, salwar kameez, and shoes or slippers. Nearest airport is Kozhikode's Karipur Airport, which falls in Malappuram district. Otherwise, there are a number of railheads located in the district, which are comfortably connected to all major destinations of the country. It is well said, that if you plan to come to Malappuram, nothing can stop you from doing so.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Malappuram

Malappuram Hills

Hold The Untouched Hands of Nature
Plan a holiday vacation to the mesmerising land of Malappuram in Kerala. See the things your best buddies have never seen before, enjoy the experiences your teachers never gone through, turn the stones untouched by the hands of modernity and take back memories that you will linger throughout your life.

On The Sands
Spend some time of your holiday trip on the pristine sands of Padinjarekkara Beach in Ponnani and explore the fun in messing with them. Roll on, run around, build sand castles and leave footprints on the sea-kissed sands of this west Malabar beach.

Where You Will Sit And Pray
When on a vacation trip to Malappuram, try to chalk out a trip to the famous Navamukundan Temple at Thirunavaya. Famed as the 'Varanasi of the South', this 6000-year-old temple is known for its beautifully chiseled images all over the premises.

Taste The Tasty
Taste the varied delicacies of Malabar Muslim cuisine in Malappuram and you cannot forget the taste throughout your life. Portraying an impeccable blend of culture and cuisine, the mouth-watering sea-food delicacies surely enchants every visitor.

Wear Jasmine In Your Hair
Get yourself a string of Jasmine - the natural ornament for your hair. One can even pluck them fresh from the garden and string them yourself. It is enjoyable. Do try it.

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