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District : Bharatpur Region of Mewat
Location : In NE Rajasthan, 185 km SE of Delhi in Rajasthan, India
Famous For : Migratory Siberian Cranes
What To See : All kind of Birds

Birds at Keoladeo National Park
Birds at Keoladeo National Park

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To See : Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, Migratory Siberian Cranes , Mansarovar and Hansarovar Marshes, Laxmi Vilas Heritage Palace hotel, Bagh Resort, Hotel Chandra Mahal Haveli.
What to Do : Boat ride in Bharatpur Lake, Rickshaw Safari to explore birds, Birdwatching, Stay at Forest Lodges.
Best Time To Visit : August to October - Peak Breeding Months, October to February - Winter Migrants, November to March - Makes Best Sightseeing Tours.
Don't Miss : Photography of Migratory Birds from close quarters and visiting Deeg Fort.
Getting Around : Bharatpur Fort - 3 km, Deeg - 36 km.
Getting There : Air : The nearest airport, Agra is 54 kms. Direct flights from Delhi to Agra and Jaipur. From there local buses or paid taxis to reach the sanctuary.
Rail : Bharatpur is the nearest rail junction. Well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur.
Road : Route from Delhi NH - 2; state road from Mathura to Bharatpur.1 hr drive from Agra, 4 hrs from Jaipur, 4 hrs from Delhi.
Inside Tip : Maintain silence while exploring the park and make use of your Binoculars to have a clearer view of the birds.
Important Distances : 38 kms from Mathura, 64 km W of Agra, 185 km NE of Jaipur, 196 km SE of Delhi.
Where to Eat : Hotel Sunbird - for Breakfast, Nightingale - for Tandoori Dishes.
Staying Options : Laxmi Vilas Heritage Palace, Bagh Resort, Hotel Chandra Mahal Haveli.

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Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary - Flights of Fantasy

Seasons are beautiful. Or are they made beautiful? Spring is the time for courtship and nestling, when all the species become lovebirds. The rains are for breeding and rearing young, with nests across the treetops brimming with mottled and speckled eggs of many colors. But there is no doubt that it's in the late, deliciously cold winter that the quantum of birdsong rises to a ear-piercing crescendo. Scores of migratory avians undertake a treacherous journey over the Himalayas to make a seasonal hub in this pasty green paradise. And their address is rewritten as teh famous Keoladeo National Park, south of Jaipur.

Once the hunting ground of the maharajahs of Bharatpur, the scrubs, swamps and marshes of the 29 sq km Keoladeo Ghana was later reassembled into a bird sanctuary, and now it is one of the most favored destination of the bird watchers.

Bharatpur, as a town is beautiful in itself. Because of its easy accessibility from both Agra and Delhi, the town is often referred to as the Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan. Although the whole of the town reverberates with the pulse of the bird sanctuary, you can spare some time to visit the Bharatpur fort, a strong central citadel built by Raja Suraj Mal in 1730. If you happen to be at Bharatpur, don't forget to complete the triangle by joining the last two points of tourist interest - Deeg and Dholpur - more popular as rural destinations.

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Fly Back With The Time - Take Up a Bird Safari

Maharajah Surajmal of Bharatpur converted a low-lying swamp formed by the confluence of the Gambhir and Banganga rivers into a reservoir, the Ajun Bund. Flooding during subsequent monsoons soon inundated the surrounding region, creating a shallow wetland ecosystem, the perfect habitat for an astonishing variety of birds. The maharajah did not have conservationist motives, but wanted a ready supply of waterfowl, affording fine shooting (and dining) possibilities. Indeed, Keoladeo continued to embellish maharajahs' tables until as late as 1965. An inscription on a pillar near the small temple in the park bears testimony to the penchant for hunting. On one day alone, over 5000 ducks were shot ! The almighty god listened to the luckless avians and in 1956, when ultimately Keoladeo was declared as a bird sanctuary.

Painted Storks at Keoladeo National Park
Birds at Keoladeo National Park

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The Flying Mystery of Siberian Cranes in Bharatpur Wildlife Bird Sanctuary

The peak time for seeing feathered friends, the famous attraction of the national park is October to February, when there is possibiliti fo bird safari. Migratory birds flock here in July and August, and they breed and feed for a month, after the monsoon, on the wetland's rich aquatic species. The thorny babul trees, their tops jutting out of the water, are the favorite nesting places for different exotic birds. Indeed, the sanctuary is a nesting ground for around 150 species of birds; it is said to be one of the best places in the world to see nesting herons. Keep your eyes peeled for storks spreading their wings to shield their chicks from the hot sun. Around October the avian population increases with the arrival of wintering migratory birds who usually seem to stay until the end of February. Among these birds is the highly endangered Siberian crane, which commit a week of perilous flight to reach the Keoladeo sanctuary. At the beginning of April, when the waters begins to recede, there is still a handful of birds of prey (vultures), some kingfishers and smaller birds such as robins, wagtails and mynas, dotting the landscape.

During the peak of summer, when the waters have all but disappeared, the reserve is carpeted in dry grasslands which offer habitat to a variety of herbivores such as chital (spotted deer), sambhar, jackals. Jungle cats, hares, pythons, porcupines and mongoose.

Bird Safari in Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

For all the tourists who want to see the beautiful birds from proximity, can take up a bird safari in Bharatpur national park. It is your only chance to see 400 species of birds in one glance. In this bird sanctuary you will get an opportunity to witness the endangered species of birds and also enjoy boat safari. This is an exciting adventure option which supports a variety of marine beings. Take up a tour of Bharatpur bird park and enjoy some of the most scenic gems of the earth and that too in their natural habitat.

Cool Tips - How to Reach Bharatpur National Park

Travel to Keoladeo Ghana, which is an easy side trip from Jaipur (175 km away), but you can afford a direct excursion from Delhi or Agra. The famous bird sanctuary is open from sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Sunrises can be mesmerizing and sunsets can be alluringly colorful. This is a sight no bird-watcher, or nature lover, will want to miss. The prime time for bird watching is at sunrise, from 6 to 9 am. Only one metaled road goes through, but a series of raised embankments thread their way between the shallow wetlands. Walking or cycling along them affords golden opportunities to observe the rich bird life at close quarters. Early winter mornings can be chilly, so take a wrap. And do not forget to take bottled water and wear sunscreen and a hat. Bharatpur has cycle-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws and tongas (horse drawn carriages). But the best idea is to wander around on a bicycle. Many hotels have bicycles and binoculars for hire and can organize a packed lunch.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Bharatpur NP

Keoladeo National Park

The High Fly
Scores of migratory avian undertake a treacherous journey over the Himalayas from northern destinations to make a seasonal hub in this pasty green paradise. This is a sight no bird-watcher, or nature lover, will want to miss.

Warmth in Relations
Inside the famous bird sanctuary in Rajasthan, keep your eyes peeled for storks spreading their wings to shield their chicks from the hot sun or for the picturesque peacocks dancing with fanned wings in perfect rhythmic beats.

The Siberian Crush
Take a wildlife trip to see the elusive Siberian cranes. Among all the birds, which plan to dwell at Bharatpur, they are the highly endangered species that commit a week of perilous flight to reach the favored Keoladeo sanctuary.

The Bicycle Safari
Enjoy the out-of-the-world experience of popular bicycle safari at Keoladeo National Park, pausing at any time to look for the beautiful flowers at any corner or to record the euphoric chirp of the black tailed drongo.

Easy To Be In Touch
The easy accessibility of Bharatpur town from both Delhi and Agra, makes it a favoured destination for bird watchers. Make it a half-day trip from any of these cities and you can enjoy a company with the migratory guests even before your hotel crew can guess your absence!

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