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World Heritage Sites : Ajanta - Ellora Caves, Elephanta Caves
Coastal Edges : Murud Jinjira, Ganapatipule Beach and Bassein Beach
Divine Sphere : Shirdi Sai Baba and Nasik City
The Mighty Forts : Rajgarh Fort, Pratapgarh Fort and Suvarnadurg Fort

Famous Attractions in Maharashtra Surpasses the Rest

Maharashtra is known as the state of many variations that is reflected in the various places to visit in Maharashtra. Right from the blue beaches of Mumbai, spiritual enlightenment in the shrine of Shridi Sai Baba, Nasik- famous site of Kumbh Mela where you will achieve the Moksha to the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora and Elephanta caves you has so much to explore here.

Gateway of India at Night
Gateway of India at Night

Maharashtra is a state with the decisive natures allurement in it. The stillness of its beaches with the wilderness of its hill makes the best combination of natures endowments in the state. The waves that washes away the silver sands of the sea beach and the forts built on its tiny islands attract the gaze of appeasement. Its myriad culture and destinations of spiritual solace and enchanting traditions invites you to explore the unidentified horizons of the nature. Really the state is worth the visit.

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Mumbai - The Dream City Houses a Number of Places to Visit in Maharashtra

The city of glamor and home to Bollywood film industry has much more to offer than its films and fashion. There is no denial to the fact that monuments of the colonial era with the mixed architectural style of the city have overwhelmed every visitor over the years. Be it Gateway of India or CST terminus or Police headquarters every building has its majestic. The multiplexes, shopping malls and offices that are coming up in Mumbai are totally indistinguishable from its counterparts outside the country.

When in the city it is must for everone to visit the rock cut Elephanta caves and the museums that narrate the stories of the past. The Prince of Wales Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art are the two famous museums in the city. A visit these places may be the most pleasing experience. The boulevard of Mumbai or Queens Necklace, Marine drive is the best place where you can drive with the magnificent scenery of vast sea on your side. Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach offers you a reason to spend some time and play with the pristine water and mild waves of the sea. Nariman point, Fort area and Churchgate are the places that you love to visit for its shopping options.

The World Heritage Sites - Caves With The Artistic Touch

Ellora Caves
Ellora Caves

These are amongst the top places to see in Maharashtra. No where in the world can you find a wonder like the rock cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora where you will get lost in the hand carved images of several incarnations of Lord Buddha, images of nymphs and princesses. Located near the city of Aurangabad the two sites of Ajanta and Ellora are the outstanding specimen of the architecture of the ancient India.

The world Heritage Site, Ajanta has 29 caves with the marvelous carving depicting the story of Buddhism spanning for a period from 200 BC to 650 AD. And impressive figures adorning the walls of these structures elaborately portray the story from Jatakas. It is believed that these caves where built by the Buddhist monks for their secluded retreat.

Just 34 km from Aurangabad, Ellora has 34 caves carved into the sides of basaltic hill and are young comparative to the Ajanta caves and where carved during 350 to 700 AD. Representing the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism these structures houses the elaborate facades and exquisite interiors with the best specimen of the cave - temple architecture. Elephanta Caves and Shivaji Terminus are the other World Heritage Attractions that holds the charms of its ancient heritage. Visit these places to see in Maharashtra and you will feel the aroma of spiritual essence flowing from the mighty structures.

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Beaches of Tranquility - The Most Famous Places to See in Maharashtra

People at Juhu Beach
People at Juhu Beach

With the coastal line of 720 Km the state of Maharashtra is home to the world famous beaches including Juhu and Chowpatty beaches of Mumbai. It is a pleasure to visit these beaches and find its distinction to the beaches of other states in India. The most happening place of the state people throng these beaches every evening to get refresh with the cooling sea breezes and warmth of the soft sand. The Snack sellers, pan wallas, fortunetellers, Snack charmers, fishermen and the picnickers add to its beauty. Bhel- puri and Pao- bhaji are the must to be tasted on these beaches and you can watch the performing monkey and madness of the crowd.

The other important characteristic of the Maharashtra beaches is that there are forts on almost every beach. These forts are of the Portuguese era or built by the Marathas. The lush green parks, rows of trees, wild flowers and the presence of rare birds on these beaches s add to its beauty. As god himself likes the beauty you will definitely find the churches and temples on these beaches. Murud Jinjira, Ganapatipule beach, Bassein Beach, Velneshwar beach are the beaches worth the visit in maharashtra So what are you thinking for come fast and enjoy the pleasure of sun bathing on these astonishing beaches.

Seat of Enlightenment - Shirdi Sai Baba - A Must Visit in Maharashtra

Sirdi Sai Baba
Sirdi Sai Baba

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Shirdi a small town located in the Ahmadnagar city of Maharashtra is one of the most revered places in Maharashtra where devotees from all over the world visit to pay the homage to sage Sai Baba. Baba, who stayed in this town for eighty years, is said to have solved the problem of each and every one who visited him at this place. Even today this routine continues, whenever there is a problem they visit the beautiful temple built on the samadhi of Baba and there wishes come true. The shrine is managed by the Shri Sai baba Sanasthan since 1922 and ensures a strict code of conduct. The beautiful Italian marble statue of Shri Sai Baba in side the temple and the photographs portray the simple lifestyle of the saint. There is also an assembly hall with a capacity of 600 devotees and displays a showcase of items used by Baba.

The temple opens at 5.15am, every day for the devotees with the kakad aarti and closes only after the Shejaarti. Thursday is the auspicious day when the Baba is worshiped. The temple is thrown open overnight only on three occasions of Gurupoornima, Dussehra and Ramnavami. On every Thursday and each festival the palki and Baba's photo are taken out from the temple. The other important places to be visited in the Shirdi are Samadi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Gurusthan, Lendi Baug and Khandoba Mandir. Come to the Shirdi and get completely engrossed in the Sai Baba"s life and it will lead you to the life of enlightenment.

Colossal Forts of Variant Hue

The state of Maharashtra, if called the state of forts would not have been a misnomer. Alone in Maharashtra, there are 350 forts and you cannot encounter in any part of the country such profusion of forts. Located on the islands, hills and amidst cities these forts are the lone witness to the changing time. Bearing the extreme climatic conditions these forts narrate the tales of the brave Maratha soldiers and Legends of Shivaji to whom these forts are associated in a one way or another. Ever fort served a particular purpose some where guarding the cities while others where built to keep check on enemies. The famous forts of the state are Vasai Fort, Rajgarh Fort, Pratapgarh Fort, Suvarnadurg Fort and Vijaydurg Fort. These forts where built by the Portuguese and Marathas reminding the martial era of the state. Plan a tour to the state and you will encounter the forts darkened by the blazing sun, lashed at by the Deccan's torrential rains and beaten by the sea waves.

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Top 5 Attractions of Maharashtra

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

The State of Magical Décor
Plan a tour to the Maharashtra which offers something to everyone. From religious pilgrimage to its wilderness of hills, blue beaches, monumental heritage, the choice is your what you will like to pick for your holidays.

Glamor City of Mumbai
Enter the city through the monumental arch 'The Gateway of India' and the wonderland in its multicolor hue all set to bestow its treasure of love and warmth. Visit the Chowpatty beach and enjoy the spicy taste of bhel-puri, shop in the multiplexes at Nariman Point and go for a drive on Queens Necklace and you will fell in love with the city.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves - Monumental Heritage of Ancient India
Visit Ajanta Caves , the World Heritage Site and take time to see the images of Lord Buddha Carved on the walls of its huge structures and you will be amazed to see the intricate designs and exquisite interiors, same are the 34 caves of Ellora representing the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The Pilgrim Trail
From all over the world devotees across various faiths, caste, and creed throng the shrine of Sai Baba at Shirdi and Nasik, the abode of Kumbh Mela to show their utmost belief and to seek blessing of the holy sprits. Visit these holy sites and feel the power that transform your heavy heart into a pious soul.

Sentinels of History
The 350 forts in the state of Maharashtra tells the tales of the history and the valor of its heroes. Built mostly by the Marathas but all of them are associated directly or indirectly to the great Maratha leader Shivaji. Come and explore the difficult tracts of these forts and enjoy the city view from the fort top.

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Khumbalgarh RAjasthanA fascinating journey to explore the best of the cultural heritage along with experiencing the gothic destinations of Goa and mumbai
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